still have this nagging, nagging cough… it’s driving me insane… as i think back over the years of my life, sure, i know i’ve had worse… but right now… this is the worst and most annoying ailment EVER!… also, the rest of the family has contracted some form of this illness… little boy seems to be finishing up with the brunt of it, but he too is stuck with a nagging cough and periodic fever… and littler boy, ah the poor dear, had a fever all day yesterday which meant that i held him almost all day so he could sleep in some comfort… he doesn’t like to be alone… which was fine, but with my wife getting sick too, i kind of felt bad leaving for the night last night… but… oooh wee… i went to a Mat Kearney and Mute Math concert… yay… so i’ll have a write up of that posted soon… of course… i do have plenty of other things to tend to… including reviews… i sent one off to Renown just this morning… and Josh, that amazing Canadian that makes all us Americans second-guess our superiority over all Canadians, is so fast that it’s already posted… i bet he didn’t even proof-read it, HA!… anyway, check out my take on Pigeon John Sings the Blues… in other review news… i’m still uncertain as to what will fill out the four for CMC this week… yes… i still only have one… grr… at least it won’t seem as bad since last week’s are still finding their way onto the web… besides reviews, there’s work to be done… and in other writing projects… a slew of features for the TRu, including, but not limited to, a full-blown write-up of the Elms DVD, a new Walk TRu, and the new playlist thingamabob… well, you all knew i was a busy guy anyway…

oh, before i forget, if you have iTunes and you looked through my playlist… please rate it… here’s what you do… click the link… then where it says rating, pick between 1 and 5 stars… be honest with it and feel free to be brutal… it’s not like i’ll know who rated what…

So what am i working on right now?… honestly, i’ve been picking through the list of television shows on DVD over at and making a list of all the ones i wouldn’t mind owning… part of this was spurred on because this weekend i picked up Season One of Boomtown for eighteen bucks at Best Buy… it’s normally $48… anyway… so far, this is what i’m interested in…

1. 21 Jumpstreet
2. Alias
3. The A-Team
4. The Bullwinkle Show
5. Columbo
6. Dilbert
7. Friends (if only for the sake of feeling completed… i have seasons 1-4)
8. Gilmore Girls
9. Greatest American Hero (actually, i don’t remember how good it was, but i think i’d like it)
10. Jim Henson’s The Storyteller
11. Kung Fu
12. Kung Fu: The Legend Continues (doesn’t appear to be available)
13. Lost
14. Magnum PI (maybe)
15. Monk
16. The Muppet Show (but i want it by season, not a bunch of Best Of nonsense.)
17. Newsradio
18. The Office
19. Seinfeld
20. Sports Night
21. The Twilight Zone (Collections 2-5)
22. Without a Trace

note. i’m not willing to pay for all of these… i just think they would be fun to have… also, i might have included the Law & Order (CI, SVU, regular) DVD sets as well but the reruns are on so stinkin much that honestly, who needs them?… it’s also pretty disturbing to know that Season 2 of Boomtown (all 6 episodes) isn’t currently available and there aren’t any known plans to make them available… it’s disturbing, because i just know that they’re gonna be idiots about it and rebox season one with the extra six episodes and that’s the only way it will be available… dirty hookers…

note: if the pejorative “dirty hookers” offends or bothers you in some way, please accept my apologies… it’s simply a term that i’ve used for many years… anyway…

so… i guess i’ll make an exit right now… maybe i can accomplish something grand today… though, i might just pick up my car from the shop… anyway… i’m gonna try… remember… dill pickles and orange juice don’t mix very well…


MuteMath – RESET EP
Mat Kearney – Bullet


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peace… love… bdg…