you probably think that i’ve been hiding out or something but really, i’ve been swamped… i have written a lot this week, just not here… and between the heat and my new distraction, it’s been tough to write anything… but we press on… my new distraction, by the way, is a pain in the left side of my mouth… splendid… i’ve been trying to ignore it, but i know that it means i should visit my local dentist (groan)… yes, i need my teeth worked on… i’m looking into the type of dentistry that puts you to sleep and then takes care of your whole mouth while you’re out… i could use the sleep… and the work… so, maybe that will be a good fit… i’ve also been quite tired lately… and it’s pretty difficult to think straight when you feel like you could collapse at any moment… i even got to sleep in until almost 7:45 this morning… i think it’s because i’ve had to be more social than i prefer this past week or so… socializing is such a drain for me… it’s part of why i got out of retail… anyway… yes, there are some big things still looming and possibilities and i’m not going to talk about them because i’ve already gotten way too far ahead of things… so, i’ve resolved not to mention them at all… sorry, but you can read a whole bunch of reviews and such… right now, i’m off to work on the Moment of TRu…


  • The Rocket Summer – Hello Good Friend
  • Manafest – Epiphany
  • Big Daddy Weave – What I Was Made For
  • The Evan Anthem – Sens

    The TRu

  • Burn the Fields: The Elms Live In Indiana (Walk TRu)
  • Derek Webb – How to Kill and Be Killed (Walk TRu)
  • Smokie Norful – Nothing Without You (Walk TRu)
  • Fernando Ortega – Live in St. Paul (Walk TRu)
  • Tonex – Out the Box: The Movie (Walk TRu)
  • thump thump…

    Adam Watts – The Noise Inside
    Ill Tripp – Dialog of the Downtrodden
    The Blood Violets – Secrets of the Soul
    Playdough – Don’t Drink the Water

    blink blink…

    [broken images]

    peace… love… bdg…