Not sure why, but i haven’t been able to update… well, scratch that… i do know why… i’ve been working ridiculous hours… on a project that may actually get used… see that in and of itself is monumental… it’s not that i don’t do good work… it’s that the organization that i work for changes directions far too often and well, to be honest, the people i work with don’t really regard my opinion or thoughts or code or time or whatever… eh, i shouldn’t talk about this… i’ve been working long hours and i’ve been mentally drained… bottom line… i did however, decide on yet another endeavor that i’m going to try out in the near future… time of course will tell, but it’s exciting, it involves the TRu and it’s like nothing i’ve ever set out to accomplish before… so much so that i would consider this to be a “crazy” idea…

anyway, here’s some reviews to check out… i’m currently working on twelve more for this week…


  • David Crowder* Band – A Collision
  • Project 86 – And the Rest Will Follow
  • T-Bone – Bone-A-Fide
  • BarlowGirl – Another Journal Entry
  • CeCe Winans – Purified
  • Ohmega Watts – the Find
  • Songs Inspired by Narnia
  • Josh Bates – Perfect Day
  • now on to the business of this stuff before me…

    hearing things
    Aly & AJ – Into the Rush
    Kirk Franklin – Hero
    Sara Groves – Add to the Beauty
    LA Symphony – Disappear Here
    Ginny Owens – Long Way Home
    Life In Your Way – [ignite and rebuild]
    Brother’s Keeper – Beyond Beautiful
    Kevin Max – The Imposter

    seeing stars

    peace… love… bdg…