Kind of an odd week i guess… obviously pretty busy since i haven’t updated in a long time… basically, pretty much no one else has been in the office all week so i did my best to get the bulk of my office work done Monday through Wednesday so that i could work from hom Thursday and today… which i did, but it meant that i had to be very heads down and focused, hence i neglected the blog… anyway, the highlight of the first half of the week was when i was joined at the office by my wife and the boys with ribs from the brand new Famous Dave’s down the street… good times… good lunch… and now that i have a moment, i’ll pick up where i left off…

let’s see… Get a Haircut and Get a Real Job… yes, by the way this is a reference to George Thorogood, big fan of the southern rock licks am i… anyway… here’s the thing… i have both… and i’m not entirely happy with either… the barber shop that i go to has managed to give me a different barber each of the five times i’ve been there and none of them since the first guy has been able to follow directions… i have a simple haircut… i’m not too picky… my hair is really thick, full of cowlicks and it grows like weeds… so, if it’s cut too short, it’s really only a few days before it’s grown back out… and i don’t want to have to comb it every morning… apparently shave the sides, tight fade, short on top, means try to make me look like a Q-Tip… dirty rat… NO TIP FOR YOU!… and then there’s the job… there are times when i enjoy what i do, but they’ve grown fewer and farther between… basically i look at code all day, write code, pull information from a database, figure out the best ways to put information into a database… that kind of thing… and a lot of times i get really ridiculous projects that have to be done in a day because no one decided to tell me about it the month or so ago when they first decided that i would do it… actually, to be honest, the last couple projects have been pretty fun… i’ve been working with Bible search tools on one and Google Maps on the other and that’s been pretty interesting… but overall, it’s kind of sad to know that if i stay where i’m at, i literally stay where i’m at… i’ve been here for five years now and i’m basically in the same position with annual pay increases… and my position has a ceiling that i reached a long time ago… and while my plans and hopes are to transition into a full-time writing career at some point in the future… i’ve started looking at tax stuff and it’s sobering to see that approximately 98% of my income is not related to writing… still a long way to go and it’s tough enough to find the time to write as much as i currently do… oh well… one step at a time, right?… while i’m talking about jobs… a big fat hooray that my dad got a job… he’s been unemployed for about seven months now, but he starts a new job on the 1st… amen… my brother in law, though is still trying to find the right “I Love Lucy” scheme to make a fortune without working… he seriously needs both a haircut and a job at this point…

oh, right, the End of the Spear… i almost forgot… good thing the soundtrack is in my review list this week… so here’s the scoop… my church rented out the theater well, you know, one screen of the theater… and we got to pay $8 for a $6.75 matinee ticket, but it’s all good… so we file in, they actually bumped up the showing time on us announcing Sunday morning that it was twenty minutes earlier than previously advertised… so this bumped up our timetables and dropping the boys off and basically ruining their nap… anyway… we got there in time… we file in… it’s fairly crowded (i was told later that we sold 133 of the 170 seats)… and after a little bit, the lights dim and we’re ready to watch the film… about this point i started to wonder if we were going to have any previews etc. since we rented out the place and just when i decided that no, we probably wouldn’t… the trailer for Miami Vice came on… interesting choice, with the sounds of Encore/Numb by Jay-Z and Linkin Park filling the ears of all us church folk… next up was The DaVinci Code… really interesting choice… i wonder if this was someone having fun with us or what… personally, i was upset that it’s still the same teaser that’s been showing for months now – the one that basically just pans out to reveal the Mona Lisa at the end… the movie’s been in production for a long time now, you can give us a little more, can’t you?… well, the trailer drew a number of “boos” and hisses and i was somewhat ashamed to be part of this crowd… but i suppose that’s another story… there were a couple more trailers… X3 and Apocalypto, both of which were “church approved” apparently… then the film began…

Now, i’ve seen Beyond the Gates of Splendor already, so i was well aware of the storyline… and i expected that they would really try to make it hit home, even harder than the documentary did and to some degree i think that worked… although, i didn’t get the sense of sympathy towards the tribe that i expected… sure, it’s really sad and savage and i knew all that before (and by the way, have sympathy for them already), but the film seemed to fall short early on and continually with that aspect… if i had done it, i would’ve worked harder to get the audience to be more compassionate towards the tribe… there were a few moments where Mincayani made statements that revealed a desire to break the cycle, but overall the pull for the audience loyalties was largely set on the missionaries… again, this isn’t a bad thing, but i think it’s short-sighted to assume the audience can’t be emotionally attached to both parties, and if, i’m honest, the story tells of missionaries who cared more about the tribe than themselves and it’s odd for me to watch the movie and have to struggle to care as much about the tribe, because i’m stuck on the missionaries… maybe that’s just me…

Overall though, the movie moved pretty well… the subtitles weren’t as annoying as i feared they might be (who goes to a movie to READ?)… but the story came through pretty well despite some technical things like the never-aging tribesmen… and a few gaps in time that were a little confusing i guess… the soundtrack, as i’m reminded right now, works really well… didn’t hear it much during the movie, but it’s giving me chills and rushes as it’s playing right now… and i suppose this is a good thing, but it seems they went out of their way to avoid showing any gore, despite earning a PG-13 rating… i was wondering why the rating at the end… so, i guess the bottom line is, that it’s a pretty good, pretty powerful movie, despite some nuances… of course, those issues are easy to sweep away given the sentiment of the film, but if i had to give it a rating, i’d go with a 3.25 of 5, how about that?…

Well that sure chewed up a lot of time… this is cool though.. .i just got a screener for “The Second Chance” with Michael W Smith sent to me via UPS… coolness… also, and this one’s a total surprise, i got a copy of Bambi II on DVD… i have no idea why, but hey, the boys will love that…

So, i still have a couple topics to write about… “The Miracles of Jesus” and “My Enemies are Men Like Me”… but i’m so out of time… here’s the latest bit of updates for the TRu and my CMCentral Reviews… let me just say that January STINKS for new music… after this week’s reviews i will happily wash my hands of the whole month… well, except that i have P.O.D., Avalon, and Jennifer Knapp still on the way… anyway, here’s what’s gone down…


  • Feature: 2oo5 The Year In Re:TRu (part one)
  • Walk TRu: Lisa McClendon – Live at HOB New Orleans
  • Walk TRu: Charlie Hall – Flying Into Daybreak


  • Charlie Hall – Flying Into Daybreak
  • Brother’s Keeper – Beyond Beautiful
  • 4Him – Encore… For Future Generations
  • Joanna Martino – My World
  • The Listening – The Listening LP
  • FFH ® – Voice From Home
  • The Second Chance: Original Soundtrack
  • Vicki Beeching – Yesterday, Today, and Forever
  • by the way, the ® is there because FFH ® feels the need to put it everywhere… it’s on the binding of their CD for goodness sakes… that was perhaps the funniest thing i’ve seen all week… Anyway, i think i’m done here… i have four more reviews to write for CMC, 3 for HHftS, 3 for Sphere, a RunDown, and more parts to the Re:TRu… have a good weekend…

    currently listening to:

    Karen Clark Sheard – It’s Not Over… Live in Detroit
    Lisa McClendon – Live From the House of Blues New Orleans
    Michael John Stanley – The Crimson Element
    End of the Spear Soundtrack
    The Urban Sophisticates – The Coward’s Anthem
    Viktory – Believe It Now
    Lightheaded – Wrong Way
    TobyMac – Welcome to Diverse City
    TobyMac – Renovating Diverse City
    Scribbling Idiots – Idiomatic Mixtape

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