“Are you gonna stay home today, Daddy?”

“No, not today”

“You have to go to work, again?”


“but why?”

“So you can eat.”

“It’s okay, I don’t have to eat today. I ate ‘esterday. Now, can you stay home?”

It’s true… man does not live on bread alone… and neither do little boys who love to be with their daddy… ah… well, i did end up at work despite his loving offer… but, he does bring up a good point… time should never be compromised… and when the sound of the garage door opening equals “Daddy! (finally)… i must need to do better… anyway… here’s a few things that have taken up a lot of my time lately…


  • Review: Life Is Precious – A Tribute to Wes King
  • Review: Watermark – A Grateful People
  • Review: Building 429 – Rise
  • Review: Pocket Full of Rocks – Song to the King
  • Interview: Building 429
  • currently listening to:

    The Elms – The Chess Hotel!!!
    Japhia Life – Fountain of Life
    Kutless – Hearts of the Innocent
    The Lonely Hearts – Paper Tapes
    Warren Barfield – Reach
    Sanctus Real – Face of Love
    Hawk Nelson – Smile, It’s the End of the World
    NeedToBreathe – Daylight
    Passion: Everything Glorious

    keeping an eye on…

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    peace… love… bdg…