April 23, 2006
Today was an incredible day for Hope’s Call! We started our GMA day with a WORD Meet and Greet. It was an 80’s theme! Oh how I remember the 80’s! Big, huge bangs and side pony tails…overdone make up….lol…ick…Hope that fashion doesn’t return!

Anyway…following the Meet and Greet, we sang in a showcase for New Day Christian Distributors…We sang with some other groups and soloists and I loved them! Gordon Mote is one of my favorites anyway, and then here was this new guy, Nate Huss…LOVED HIM! There was a lot of awesome talent including our label mates, Austins Bridge! I am a FAN.

After the showcase, we headed to Rocket Town for a Compassion dinner! It was AWESOME! We work with the ministry of Compassion. They are an amazing child relief organization. They work at physical poverty, but their main focus is the poverty of the soul. Last year over 100,000 kids were saved through that ministry! We are honored to be a part. Eddie spoke (he is in our group) and in addition, Bebo Norman spoke. The president of Compassion was the final speaker and his words pierced my heart. One thing he said was…When he gets to heaven he hopes God will not just wipe the tears from his eyes but also the sweat from his brow for all the laboring he did to lift children out of poverty in Jesus’ name! I love that. That statement impacted me!

My evening closed with a stop to hear Avalon and Israel Houghton and New Breed…Needless to say the day ended incredibly! I love GMA week!
-Donna Beauvais, Hope’s Call