some days i wonder why i even get out of bed… i mean, i know why i got up… littler boy wakes me up every morning with the cutest smile, way too much energy and a desire for some daddy time… that’s not really what i’m talking about though… sometimes i either don’t get anything accomplished or it’s been such a bad or frustrating day that i know that if i had slept all day, at least i might not be as tired as i am… anyway…

i broke down and bought the Transformers movie in the 2-Disc Limited Edition version with the DVD case that transforms into Optimus Prime… haven’t seen the movie, but i figured that i was going to eventually get it and i might as well get the cool packaging… the problem is that the littles are pretty sure that it’s a toy…

okay… good way to move on with the week is to focus on some football…i kind of blew it last week going 7-6 with the picks, but some of those were pretty surprising… anyway… here’s my picks for this week…

Ravens over Bills (18-13)
Saints over Falcons (31-17)
Redskins over Arizona (27-6)
Giants over 49ers (34-14)
Patriots over Dolphins (51-3)
Texans over Titans (24-10)
Lions over Bucs (38-31)
Chiefs over Raiders (20-10)
Bengals over Jets (30-16)
Seahawks over Rams (24-21)
Eagles over Bears (41-20)
Vikings over Cowboys (34-31)
Steelers over Broncos (37-13)
Colts over Jaguars (37-27)

and now, some comments… every game between now and week nine are nothing compared to the COLTS/PATRIOTS matchup… can you say, mid-season SUPERBOWL?… i hate the Steelers and i hate the Cowboys, but i think after this week, people will start to realize that the Steelers are a better team… Vinny Testaverde? Really?… hey, well, if he can come back, maybe it’s time for the Bills to look back to Flutie to take over the team again… somebody needs to teach the offense how to score…

okay, time to go… some days i wonder why i even. . .

peace… love… bdg…