yeah, how about that… i bombed last week… lots of unexpected outcomes last week including the worst performance ever by Peyton Manning with six interceptions… and what’s up with kickers this year? doesn’t seem like you can depend on them at all this year… even the most “reliable” kickers are choking like crazy this season… oh well… it’s been a busy week… let’s start things off with my fantastic picks for this week… see if i can’t do better than six and eight… lots of games on this weekend including the game of the week, the Bills hosting the Pat-sterisks in Buffalo… can’t wait to watch that one… looks like i’ll get to watch the Browns/Ravens, Giants/Lions, and the Redskins/Cowboys games too… should be a fun weekend… and i simply cannot wait until Thursday… anyway, here’s the picks…

Bucs over Falcons (24-17)
Browns over Ravens (38-9)
Giants over Lions (34-31)
Eagles over Dolphins (17-10)
Vikings over Raiders (20-7)
Jags over Chargers (24-14)
Colts over Chiefs (34-13)
Cards over Bengals (27-21)
Packers over the Panthers (31-10)
Saints over Texans (28-14)
Steelers over the Jets (48-14)
Seahawks over the Bears (34-20)
Rams over 49ers (23-9)
Cowboys over the Skins (31-24)
Bills over the Pats (23-21)
Broncos over Titans (24-18)

and now i’m off to enjoy the rest of my day with the littles…

peace… love… bdg…