So, it’s the holiday season and the visitors have begun trickling in… the house is full and it’s a little crazy and it’s difficult – even moreso – to keep things organized, including thoughts… and i normally don’t do updates on Saturdays, but i’ve been pretty off and on this week and i’ve got a few moments to myself here… so, just a quick one, alright?


Joshua 3:6-7… part of me wants to just finish up the chapter today, but i know i’m going to be pretty short on time, so i’ll just focus on these two verses and mainly just the latter… Joshua tells the priests to take the ark of the covenant and lead the way and they do… we already knew they would, so that’s kind of just the facts, ma’am, just the facts…

But, i love the comment here in the next two verses… God’s telling Joshua that he’s going to use the events of this day to exalt Joshua in the eyes of Israel, cementing him as their leader and proving before all men (and women) that God is with Joshua just like He was with Moses… this fulfills the promise that He gave Joshua back in the beginning of the book…


Brief sidetrack from the usual program today because, well it’s for a number of reasons, but most specifically, i finally finished reading Relentless, by Robin Parrish and i wanted to share a few thoughts about it…

this book took me a while to get into and i blame it primarily on the fact that it’s HUGE… well, 443 pages and my copy is the big old hardcover… that and, to be honest, i was a bit impatient with the set up… about the midpoint of the book, though, it really took off and i was pretty hooked until the end… the scope of the plot expanded and strengthened which really added depth to the characters and the story itself… very impressive overall, i’m glad to have read it and i’m happy to call Robin at least an acquaintance…

now i’m ready for Fearless, which i imagine i’ll finish by 2010…


here’s how distracted i’ve been… i’m just finding out now that the Steelers won on Thursday… i probably knew, but i didn’t really pay attention to it… here’s my picks for the rest of the games which i’ll likely have a harder time watching…

Cowboys over Panthers

Bengals over Browns

Colts over Texans

Bills over Giants

Lions over Cheifs

Jags over Raiders

Saints over Eagles

Packers over Bears

Cards over Falcons

Bucs over 49errs

Titans over Jets

Dolphins over Patriots

Seahawks over Ravens

Redskins over Vikings

Chargers over Broncos


i just finished up some interviews… probably the last of the year and i’ll be turning them in shortly after i finish this up… after that, i don’t think i’ll have much time for anything until after Christmas… i have just noticed that my interview with The Washington Projects found its way onto CCM’s frontpage… and, oh hey, i’m a featured blogger… looks like i’ll have to try a little harder to post before Christmas…


i’ll talk about the next great American band…. i’ll talk about The Clash of the Choirs… i’ll definitely talk about football… i might talk a little about politics… i’ll talk about Christmas music… and i’ll post more interviews, reviews and features at everyone’s favorite website called theTRu…

peace… love… bdg..