Happy Sunday… i’ve been doing a little bit of work and such here as i try not to melt away in the heat, but i thought i’d take a quick time out to chat up the two books i finished reading yesterday… hopefully, i’ll have a chance to talk about a few other things tomorrow or the next day – we saw Wall-E and there’s plenty to talk about – but today it’s all about the books… off we go…


to the tune of Instead of a Show – Jon Foreman

Character Makes a Difference, by Mike Huckabee

I had been looking forward to reading this book for a while now and once i started, it was hard to put it down… a large part of the book talks about how Gov. Huckabee became the governor of Arkansas and it appropriately begins in the midst of the action which is where character is revealed… it also talks a lot about the factors that effect and tend to squash the development of character in the world today, as well as Huckabee’s thoughts and policies regarding them…

I’d say that the book is a cross betwen a biography and a societal self-help book and it proved to be enjoyable and easy to read… reminded me several times of why i supported the Governor’s bid as a presidential candidate…


to the tune of Word of Mouth – John Reuben
The Word of Mouth Manual: Volume II, by Dave Balter

This one is more of a nerdy book, but since it was a free PDF download and since i seem to have marketing and advertising in my blood somewhere, it piqued my curiosity and i feel somewhat rewarded for having read it… It did seem at times as though the author was simply trying to prove that Word of Mouth Marketing really is a viable form of marketing, and that he was trying a little too hard to establish himself as a pioneer in the field, but there were plenty of gems tucked away in the pages including a nice explanation of the shared community experience, the history of the Top 40 Charts, post purchase effects and the challenges of reaching a global audience…

I can’t say that i know exactly when or how this information will come in handy, but it was really presented effectively and in such a way that it didn’t feel like a textbook or an encyclopedia…


to the tune of The Boys Are Back in Town – Thin Lizzie

Updated list for Mark Lee’s Summer Reading Club… four down so far… on to my Father’s Day present this year.. Boys Should Be Boys

It All Goes Back in the Box (Ortberg)
Deadly Viper Character Assassins (Foster & Wilhite) [audiobook]
The Word of Mouth Manual (Balter)
Character Makes a Difference (Huckabee)
Simplicity (Salomon) [about 70 pages left]
The Parent You Want to Be (Parrott) [about 150 pages left]
New Way to Be Human (Peacock) [about 200 pages left]
Boys Should Be Boys (Meeker) [about 220 pages left]
Wide Awake (McManus)
At the Crossroads (Peacock)
Deliver Us from Evelyn (Wells)
The Two Towers (Tolkien)
Quiet Strength (Dungy)
UnChristian (Kinnaman & Lyons)
Prince Caspian (Lewis)
Searching for God Knows What (Miller)


peace… love… bdg….