and we’re back… i would say that i feel refreshed and ready to take on the world, but i actually have something of a dull headache and it took less than a half hour before i was reminded why i look forward to vacations… at least i remembered not to punch the wall too hard so that i can’t type or anything like that… anyway, let’s get back into it, shall we?

to the tune of Permanent Vacation – Aerosmith

oh how nice it would be if i could just check out from the corporate world and just live… no dealing with the demons of the office… no headaches… no stress… well, the problem with that is that it would take me a long time before i got to a place where i would be able to effectively produce anything… as evidenced by the last six days when i took a vacation that became a “stay”-cation when we decided to center our efforts at the house…

oh, we did lots of things… we took the boys to the movies, went bowling, visited Monticello, went to a water park, hung out, went swimming and littler boy even graduated from wearing pull-ups to bed to wearing “bigga-boy undawears” (without accident so far even)… it was all great fun, but on the production front… writing here or anywhere, i did SQUAT!… of course, it’s good to unplug and just kick back for a time and i do get the sense that i’m trying to do too much most of the time, but as restful (and tiring) as the time off was, i couldn’t help waking up this morning and thinking about all that i had hoped to accomplish… and all that i didn’t…

no biggie… i guess… i’ll just take it for what it is… we’ll figure it all out another day…

to the tune of Wipe Out – The Surfaris

‘Tis the season for reality television and the networks have pulled out all the stops… and we all wish they would just simply stop… i tell you, if it wasn’t for cable, netflix, and hulu, i don’t know what i would watch… there are a few of the reality/game shows that i haven’t been able to avoid though and here are the top three of maybe three…

03. The Mole: i was pretty excited when i heard that this show was coming back and it hasn’t really let me down too much… i do remember liking Anderson Cooper a lot better as a host, but this new guy, Jon Kelley, is alright, but i tend to get annoyed with him now and again… didn’t watch the celebrity version of it, but i think it’s been long enough between the original season and this year’s for it to be fresh again… if i have to guess today, i’d say that Craig is the mole, but i think if i were playing, i would’ve taken the $30,000 bribe money in week three as well…

02. Last Comic Standing i can’t believe that this is the sixth season of this, but it’s the first season that i’ve watched and i think that it’s unfortunately already suffered from the same talent-leak that Idol has experienced… Some of the comics have good material tough… i think that the funniest one was voted off back in Vegas though… talking about a billboard that read “Pregnant? You’re not alone” she mused, “You’re not going to be alone for a long time…” Anyway, i’m mostly glad that God’s Pottery was voted off… they were annoying… if i had to pick a winner, i’d say it’ll be either Iliza, Jim, or Marcus…

01. Wipeout this one certainly falls under the category of guilty pleasure, but i’ve enjoyed watching these episodes on… it’s perhaps the lowest form of humor, but i really crack up at the bravado and the constant reminder that pride goes before destruction and a haughty (aka braggadocious) spirit before (several) great fall(s)…

honorable mention goes to Celebrity Family Feud but that’s mainly because the cast of My Name is Earl was absolutely hilarious as they stayed in character to deliver some of the most ridiculous answers imaginable…

to the tune of Summer Again – The Afters

Updated list for Mark Lee’s Summer Reading Club

running out of time here, but this is my latest updates…

It All Goes Back in the Box (Ortberg)
Deadly Viper Character Assassins (Foster & Wilhite) [audiobook]
The Word of Mouth Manual (Balter)
Character Makes a Difference (Huckabee)
Simplicity (Salomon)
You Don’t Need a Title to Be a Leader (Sanborn)

Boys Should Be Boys (Meeker) [about 20 pages left]
The Dip (Godin) [about 35 pages left]
Prince Caspian (Lewis) [about 100 pages left]
The Parent You Want to Be (Parrott) [about 150 pages left]
New Way to Be Human (Peacock) [about 200 pages left]
Wide Awake (McManus)
At the Crossroads (Peacock)
Deliver Us from Evelyn (Wells)
The Two Towers (Tolkien)
Quiet Strength (Dungy)
UnChristian (Kinnaman & Lyons)
Searching for God Knows What (Miller)


peace… love… bdg….