i do so love the weekend… normally i wouldn’t necessarily be on the computer on a Saturday for more than maybe an hour or so, but today’s a little different… actually, this weekend’s a little different… i’ve got some things i want to and need to get accomplished for my own emotional well-being… haven’t quite gotten there yet, but hopefully tomorrow…

anyway, i’m watching The Italian Job (love those minis)… since i’ve already burned through this week’s Burn Notice, Monk, and Psych (so glad they’re all back)… and my neighbors seem to be having quite the shindig… i should do a post about my neighborhood drama… not today though… today, we’ll be quick… i’ve just about finished the fourth book for the week, but i’m only going to talk about two, because it may take me a while to finish more and i don’t want to appear unproductive next week… on we go with the program…

to the tune of Lead Me On – Amy Grant

You Don’t Need a Title to be a Leader by Mark Sanborn

So, this little book about leadership pretty much states the obvious, but in an interesting way… it seems like a boiled-down version of a bonafide book about leadership that perhaps lacks the details i was hoping for… as someone who’s never really had a title worth mentioning, the title of the book grabbed my attention right away… and the six steps of leadership that the book discusses are certainly appropriate, but, again, it’s just common sense… it’s perhaps not so much a guide to leadership as it is a guide to taking control of your own life in a sense… but hey, sometimes we all need to have things stated and re-stated to us in the simplest ways and, at just over 120 pages, it’s not like it’s a huge investment…

to the tune of Who Put the Bomp? – Jan & Dean

The Dip by Seth Godin

i’m really torn by this book… i’m wrestling with it as they say… having heard good things about it and noticing it on my boss’s bookshelf, i thought i’d take a shot at it… what happened from there was an 80 page assault on my job and alarms ringing over and over telling me that i should’ve quit years ago… i get that… but what i really struggle with is this concept of “Best in the World”… it’s the whole basis of the book… if you can’t be the best in the world at what you’re doing right now, then you need to quit and find something you can be the best in the world at… well, what if i can only be the best in the world at things that don’t pay the bills? what if really, i can only be the best dad in the world to my boys? the best husband in the world to my wife?

i write code, but i’ll never be the best coder in the world… i fix technical bugs, but i’ll never be the best at that… i write blogs and run a website, but clearly, based on the responses i get, i’m not the best in the world at any of that… i don’t know… i think i could go on for hours about that, but it wouldn’t be the best rant in the world so i think i’ll stop it here… if nothing else, the book gave me some mental cud to chew on…

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Updated list for Mark Lee’s Summer Reading Club

running out of time here, but this is my latest updates…

It All Goes Back in the Box (Ortberg)
Deadly Viper Character Assassins (Foster & Wilhite) [audiobook]
The Word of Mouth Manual (Balter)
Character Makes a Difference (Huckabee)
Simplicity (Salomon)
You Don’t Need a Title to Be a Leader (Sanborn)
Boys Should Be Boys (Meeker)
The Dip (Godin)

Prince Caspian (Lewis) [about 10 pages left]
The Parent You Want to Be (Parrott) [about 150 pages left]
New Way to Be Human (Peacock) [about 200 pages left]
Wide Awake (McManus) [about 210 pages left]
At the Crossroads (Peacock)
Deliver Us from Evelyn (Wells)
The Two Towers (Tolkien)
Quiet Strength (Dungy)
UnChristian (Kinnaman & Lyons)
Searching for God Knows What (Miller)


to the tune of Na Na Hey Hey – The Hit Crew

hey… there’s actually new stuff over on the main page… specifically a feature called I Know What TRu Read [last summer] which gives a rundown of eleven books i read last year… and a new iTRu-nes Playlist… check them out and keep it locked…

peace… love… bdg….