there’s not much that’s more annoying than a runny nose… i mean, there’s a few related things that are pretty close – the achiness, the congested sinuses, the chills that make no sense whatesoever and, last but not least, the determined particles of tissue that lodge themselves into the fabric of one’s gotee..

yes, i have a cold or allergies or both or neither or more… pretty annoying indeed… and i blame it all on the cat… i don’t have a cat, but we were in the presence of a cat the other day… the day before i woke up feeling like this…

anyway, i don’t have much of an update in me today… i need to save my energy for the first of my two fantasy football drafts (one tonight and one tomorrow night) but i wanted to talk a little bit about a little bit… maybe just books today…

-to the tune of Let’s Hear It for the Boy – Deniece Williams

Boys Should Be Boys
by Meg Meeker

Now, this perhaps isn’t a book that would jump out at me as something i would read, but i do have two little boys at home – have i mentioned them ever? they’re pretty much awesome – and i have always had something of a bent towards the field of psychology if for no reason other than i’ve found that the discoveries we make about other humans often line up with what we believe about God…

Anyway, this book was really enjoyable in that it reminded me of what makes me tick and heightened my senses to the development of said boys… there was a lot of insight to the text and it was somewhat therapeutic in some senses… I have to admit though, there were a number of typos throughout the book that really distracted me as i made my way through the pages… that’s kind of a pet peeve for me…

-to the tune of Wake Up – Leeland

Wide Awake
by Erwin McManus

I’ve enjoyed some of McMcanus’s previous efforts – The Barbarian Way and Soul Cravings – as well as his plain talks available via the Mosaic podcast available on iTunes… and i was really drawn into this book, not just by the creepy eye on the cover, but also by the DVD and the general subject matter… i’m generally considered a dreamer… and, much to my own disgust, i don’t see a lot of those dreams play out into fruition, so i was hoping that this book would be more than just another in a series of motivational tools that i digested, agreed with and then resumed my normal life…

Time will tell, but a lot of what McManus says in the book, and what we talked about in our interview (which i’m not at all ashamed to advertise for again) really resonated within me and it makes a lot of sense… of course, i don’t believe everything that McManus believes or preaches, but hey, this book really reaches out and reminds us that we’re given dreams with the intention that we’ll live them out… and that’s not at all bad…

-to the tune of Saint and Sinner – Derek Webb

So, i have a few more to do still… one from The Donald and one from Rob Bell at least… and it seems like i’m stalling a bit, but i’ll get there… i keep getting more books i want to read and i think that even after the summer closes, i’ll keep updating and chugging along… but for now, here’s the latest, updated and perhaps final list for Mark Lee hosted summer reading club


Working through…
The Parent You Want to Be (Parrott) [about 150 pages left]
New Way to Be Human (Peacock) [about 200 pages left]
My Name Is Russell Fink (Snyder) [about 250 pages left]
Quiet Strength (Dungy) [about 270 pages left]
At the Crossroads (Peacock)
Deliver Us from Evelyn (Wells)
The Two Towers (Tolkien)
UnChristian (Kinnaman & Lyons)
FlashBang (Steele)
Sinner (Dekker)



this post is as over as the Olympics… and i’m on my way… more great stuff to come here and on the front page… in fact, i’m doing an interview tomorrow that will make the front page soon… and i’ve got some super secret projects that are coming to pass… i’m sure that i’ll talk about the upcoming TV season, more books, football, and so much more… soon… and very soon…

peace… love… bdg….