still trying to get the ‘ole donkey wheel back on it’s axle… but it’s time once again to sit down with another fantastic episode of LOST… first, though, to continue last week’s theory-ish thing about Richard’s story being a compilation of all the other character’s life experiences… he’s also tied to Desmond, in that they both accidentally killed someone by pushing them such that they cracked open their head… what does this all mean?

i also had something else to say here, but i can’t for the life of me remember it right now, so… let’s roll the film and i’ll get back to it if i can… for reference, i’m going to be using last week’s format and, the “_X” side story paragraphs will be italicized… off we go…

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Okay, so we know this is about Sun and Jin, so it’s not surprising that the clips include the money being confiscated at the airport. I was pretty sure that’s why Jin ends up in the freezer, but we’ll see. Other clips include Sawyer’s attempt to snowball Widmore and Hurley telling Richard that he has to stop the Man in Black.

Then we cut to night-vision surveillance of SmokeLocke’s camp, where Sawyer is making small talk with Kate and Jin is redressing his wound. SmokeLocke approaches Jin and talks about the names on the cave wall. He explains that the only way for them to leave the island is with all the people whose names remain on the wall. Then he promises to go find Sun.

Back at the airport, Jin has lost his cash and missed an important meeting at a restaurant. He and Sun check into a hotel, into separate rooms, because they’re NOT MARRIED.

SmokeLocke tells Sayid to watch over the camp while he’s gone and Sayid acts like a zombie. Sayid states that he can’t feel anything – not anger, sadness, or any emotion – and seems to want SmokeLocke to explain this. SmokeLocke simply tells him that it’s probably best, considering what he’s going to have to go through in the near future. This kind of reminds me of when Ben pulled Kate aside for breakfast only to tell her that the coming weeks would be rather unpleasant.

With SmokeLocke gone, Jin steals off in the opposite direction only to be stopped by Sawyer. Sawyer appears ready to let Jin in on the whole submarine plan – if he hasn’t already – but Jin is hellbent on finding Sun and doesn’t trust Sawyer for playing patsy to SmokeLocke. Then come the blow darts. Everyone in camp is hit and passes out, but it’s Jin that they want. They being Zoe (a.k.a. fake Tina Fey) and Team Widmore. And that’s just the opening sequence.

Miles and Lipidus are playing cards, probably Gin, for the purpose of employing a pun. Ben keeps pressing Ilana for what comes next, impatient about waiting and incredulous at her faith in Richard. Miles drops a contender for the episode’s best line, noting that, “Unless Alpert’s covered in bacon grease. . . Hugo can’t track anything.” Sun, though, is not pleased, and she storms off towards her garden at the thought of just waiting and not going out to find Jin.

Jack plays the role of the moderator, trying to sell the idea of being a candidate to Sun. She’s really torn up, though, and not open to any type of explanation that involves purpose, destiny, or anything that doesn’t have to do with her reuniting with Jin. She tells Jack to leave her alone and he walks away, as she begins sobbing uncontrollably.

Jin visits Sun in her hotel room. He has a box and he’s incredibly worried about being seen. He’s on his way to deliver a watch to someone at the restaurant. Sun makes him come in and convinces him that no one will be at the restaurant this late and they can wait anyway, because whoever it is works for her father. Then she opens a shirt button and asks if he’s going to tell her that she needs to button it back up, like he did on the beach, I mean plane. Of course, he’s in a hotel room, a long way from home, with a girl who’s taking off her shirt and he doesn’t want her to button it back up. He’s probably going to bed her soon. So much for the restaurant.

SmokeLocke approaches Sun as she’s replanting the garden and tells her that he’s found Jin and wants to take her to him. She’s not buying it, citing how he slaughtered everyone at the temple. He tries to rationalize it all with her, emphasizing that Jin is waiting, but after a slight pause, she takes off running. He gives chase for a while and, as she constantly looks back at him, she runs striaght into a tree. (She’ll feel that in the morning).

Apparently, the tree collision startled her sleep in another dimension as we find her waking up in bed with Jin back at the hotel. She tells him that they should run away together and he’s not sure how seriously to take that. She reveals that this was her plan all along – that’s why they’re in LA. He’s not sure how that makes him feel and they discuss it a little further until they’re interrupted by a knock on the door. Jin hides in the closet and she loses herself in the mirror. (Ah, the mirror, or looking glass, as it were). It’s Martin Keamy at the door and he’s pretty sure that she’s got something for him so he enters. I should mention that Sun and Jin seem to have no concept of the English language and only speak Korean.

Ben stumbles upon Sun’s body, unconscious under the tree-thing that she ran into. He rouses her and asks what happened. She babbles something in Korean, which Ben doesn’t understand, before saying that Locke was the cause.

SmokeLocke, by the way, apparently turned tail and ran away. He’s now back at his campsite where he’s not happy to find everyone passed out with Jin missing. He finds Sayid crumpled up by the campfire, pulls out the dart, and wakes him up. Sayid explains that they were attacked, but he doesn’t know who it was or, more importantly to SmokeLocke, where Jin is.

Jin is in a room, in a metal chair, that looks familiar. He finds a giant switch and gives it a flip. Oh, yes, this is room 23. This is where they kept Walt and this is where they kept Carl. A room for psychological experimentation on subliminal messaging. “Everything Changes.” “God Loves You As He Loved Jacob.” Zoe shows up and tries to make small talk. Jin tries to leave, but she tazes him, bro. Then she pulls out a map, explaining that they need to find the pockets of electromagnetic activity on the island. Jin signed the map and wrote on it back in Dharmaville in the 70s. Zoe wants answers. Jin wants to see Widmore. That might work out well.

SmokeLocke equips Sayid with a pistol and makes sure that he can swim. Something is afoot. Sawyer is suspicious. Claire is hesitant to leave the island. SmokeLocke tells her that her name was not on the wall. (Methinks that he’s lying). SmokeLocke assures her that she wants to get on the plane and leave the island. She asks about Kate – is her name on the wall? SmokeLocke tells her that Kate’s name has been crossed off, but he needs her to convince three more people to join Team Smokie.” Claire seems jealous. SmokeLocke quotes Faraday, “Whatever happens, happens.”

Sawyer, or “Team Sawyer,” since he’s a desperado, wants in on the plan. Sawyer asks why SmokeLocke needs a boat, jesting at how ridiculous it would be for him to turn into smoke and fly over the water. SmokeLocke won’t let Sawyer in on the heist, but mentions that avoiding Widmore is less important than going to get “one of our people” back.

Sun goes to the bedroom, with Keamy right behind her. She kicks Jin’s shoes under the bed, gives him the watch, and pretends not to speak any English. Keamy’s associate shows up, having checked Jin’s room to no avail. Keamy notices an extra champagne glass on the nightstand and Jin is busted. Keamy is upset about the money, $25,000. Jin and Sun chat in Korean which makes Keamy feel like he’s in a Godzilla movie. He summons the help of… Patchy – minus the patch. He translates and Sun tries to make a deal, taking money from her private account at the bank. Keamy agrees to let Mikhail take Sun to the bank, but Jin is coming to the restaurant. Jin is concerned about their secret relationship, but Keamy assures them that it’s safe with him.

Jack appears to be checking Sun for head lice, while Ben is defending his integrity. Sun has apparently lost her ability to speak English. Jack hopes that it’s temporary, but Ilana is smiling because she sees Richard and Hurley returning to the beach. Richard says it’s time to roll out. “Team Jacob” is on the move.

SmokeLocke rows his boat ashore and winces at the shots fired into the sand at his feet. He promises “Team Widmore” that he comes in peace. Widmore shows up and they have a bald-headed standoff. There’s a great shot of the two of them on opposite sides of the pile-on fence, reminiscent of when Darth Maul was seperated from Qui-Gon Jinn in Star Wars. Maul is agitated and paces angrily, but Qui-Gon waits patiently for the door to disengage. Anyway, SmokeLocke says he wants Jin back (queue the Jackson 5). Widmore has no idea what he’s talking about. SmokeLocke throws Widmore’s own words back in his face. “War is coming to this island. I think it just got here.”

Jack doesn’t seemed thrilled about following Richard’s lead and he demands some answers. Richard, now wearing Isabella’s necklace, explains that they must find out where Locke is, beat him to the plane on Hydra and destroy it. Sun is not at all interested in destroying that plane – she wants to get off the island. But, she’s still speaking Korean and Richard wants to know why. Jack explains that she was running away from Locke when — “He came back here? What did he want? What did he say?” Sun calls him an idiot and says that she has no intentions of saving the world or leaving the beach, apparently, which may make it difficult to find Jin. It’s okay though because no one has any idea what she said. They do know that she’s angry because she stomps off to brood. Hurley eases the tension, suggesting that she doesn’t want to come along.

Sun and Mikhail are at the bank and the account manager or whatever they’re called seems to think there’s a problem. No money in the account. No account. Sun is convinced that no one else even knows that it exists, but yet, her daddy transferred all the funds to an account in Seoul. Omar manhandles Jin as he’s stuffing him into the freezer. Keamy straps Jin into a chair and sends Omar (the Arab) to go pick up “the Arab.” Keamy is convinced that Jin can’t understand English, so he tells Jin that the $25,000 was his fee for “popping” Jin. Mr. Peck knew about the relationship and was none too happy about it. Jin says “Thank You,” revealing that he knows some English and that he’s aware of what’s going on. Keamy apologizes, straps duct tape over Jin’s mouth and says he wasn’t meant to be with Sun.

Widmore is chewing Zoe out for picking up Jin too soon. Apparently, they had a tight timetable. Jin is coming around the corner as Zoe tells Widmore that a Geophysicist doesn’t make the best mercenary. “What’s done is done.” Widmore sends Zoe to get “the package” from the submarine and take it to the infirmary. She sighs, leaves, and Widmore apologizes to Jin. Jin says he know who Widmore is, but wants to know why he was kidnapped. Widmore hands him a digital camera recovered from the Ajira Airs flight. It’s full of baby pictures that bring Jin to tears. Widmore understands that Jin wants to be reunited with Sun and their daughter and explains that if Locke gets off of the island, everyone will cease to exist. It’s time for Jin to see the package. And it’s not a what, it’s a who.

Jin, in the freezer, hears the muffled version of Sayid’s shootout with Keamy and crew. He starts freaking out at the gunshots, but then seems surprised that someone with a gun has survived the shootout and Sayid bursts through the door and rips the tape off of his mouth. Sayid doesn’t know why Jin is where he is and apparently doesn’t care, but is sympathetic enough to leave Jin a boxcutter and a chance to free himself. Later, Mikhail shows up with Sun and finds all the lights off and Keamy’s crew laid out. Keamy is still alive and when Mikhail asks him what happened, Keamy has enough bitterness remaining to call him an idiot.

Jin’s got a gun trained on the back of his head. There’s a silly little showdown that ends in a struggle, the gun inadvertantly going off in a classic fight-for-the-gun-and-accidentally-shoot-someone-you-care-about scene. Really, LOST? Anyway, the gun gets knocked away and Mikhail grabs a knife, but Jin has the conch, i mean gun, and fires away. YES! Mikhail got shot in the eye. He’ll be Patchy in the casket. But, on a serious note, somehow Sun was accidentally shot during the fracas SHOCKER! But wait, it gets worse, it looks like she was shot in the belly, which means that she was probably pregnant. Yep. Sorry LOST, that was perhaps the most cliche scene i’ve ever seen on the show.

Sun is sitting on the beach gazing out at the waves rolling in under the moonlight. Jack plays the role of counselor again. This time, he tells a story about one of his early patients who actually lost their ability to speak after an accident. However, though he couldn’t speak, he could still write. Jack hands Sun a pen and pad. She can write in English, too. Jack proceeds to pull out a tomato from Sun’s garden – a stubborn tomato that refuses to die, even though everything seems aligned against it. Sun scribbles “Sorry” on the pad, an apology Jack shrugs off. He asks about her encounter with SmokeLocke and she tells him that Locke has Jin and she doesn’t trust him. But she does trust Jack, who promises to get her and Jin off the island if she comes with “Team Jacob”.

Sawyer approaches Kate in front of a campfire. Both of them are worried, but Sawyer hides it well. He’s got a feeling… that tonight’s gonna be a good night. No, he’s got a feeling that it’s all going to be over soon. He’s hoping that Widmore managed to kill off SmokeLocke, but he doesn’t even have time to reflect on saying that out loud before SmokeLocke appears in the background, alone. Sawyer greets SmokeLocke harshly and learns that Widmore denies having Jin, no one believes Widmore is telling the truth, and Sayid is on a secret mission to find out what was locked away in that sub. Sawyer broods and exchanges looks with Kate as SmokeLocke walks towards the center of the camp.

Zoe and another guard are dragging a doped up body up the dock towards the shore. Sayid is being all Navy SEAl offshore and, as the duo from “Team Widmore” drop “the package” facedown on the dock, he and one Desmond Hume exchange glances. DESMOND IS THE PACKAGE! Apparently, the island wasn’t done with him.


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okay, so that was an episode filled with highs and lows… predictable at times, but also fulfilling in some sense… we got some further confirmation that the goal is to keep Smokey on the island or else face complete and utter disaster worldwide. That is, if you can trust Widmore. And i suppose that’s the real question. Who can you trust?

It’s good to see Desmond return to the mix. I’m sure that will play out in an interesting fashion. I had a feeling he was locked in that room on the sub – since it’s been stated several times that the “rules” don’t apply to him, and he’s been in the credits all season long. Can’t wait to see what purpose he has and how it will relate to finding all the electomagnetic pockets on the island. It would seem that there’s more to Widmore’s plans than just containment, if he’s searching out these pockets. Another interesting question that has to be asked now involves the status of Penny. Is she still alive? Arguments for her living is that someone must be watching Charlie while Desmond is gone and Widmore used the present tense when he told Jin that he “has” a daughter. Arguments for her being dead is that Ben tried to kill her and Widmore managed to kidnap Desmond.

Moving on… Something that struck me as i titled this entry was the (possible) significance to the names Sun and Jin. Since this show has a history of black and white, i couldn’t believe that this never dawned on me before. Sun clearly brings to mind images of the sun, warmth, renewal, light. It’s also used sometimes as a reference to Christ, the morningstar. Jin, on the other hand, can refer to demons (depending on your religious persuasion). Specifically, in the Islamic faith, the Jinn refers to a race of beings that were created along with the angels, predating Adam. The Jinn are often believed to be powerful, created from fire, and most often, evil in nature.

This sets up an interesting dichotomy – or potentially at least a rather sad scenario. Could it be that Sun and Jin will be pitted against one another at some point when the war comes? Or could it be that they are, in fact, the Adam and Eve characters – either the originals, whose skeletons were found in the caves or their replacements, since there seems to be a whole lot of that going on. I think the only way they can be pitted against one another is if Sun is convinced somehow that Jin has been possessed and even then, i’m not sure she’d be swayed against him. And if they are Adam and Eve, then the show quickly becomes about how to reconcile the good and evil that is within each of us and live in peace together.

Okay, that’s just about all i have for now, except that i remembered what i was going to say earlier. It’s really stupid, but since i brought it up, here goes.

Alternate dialogue for the opening sequences of Ab Aeterno: I’m Richard. Look at me. I’m in the shadows. Did you know that we’re all dead? Did you know this island is actually Hell. Look around. I’m flapping my arms like a bird. Look at Jack. Now look back at me. I’m walking through the jungle with a torch. Look at Hurley. Now look back at me. I’m on a horse. I’m Richard Alpert and I smell like a man, man. (I told you it was stupid.)

More thoughts and theories and such another time. if you just can’t get enough and/or want a recap without the sarcasm, as always, check out LOSTexplained and see what Robin thought of the episode. But don’t leave without letting us know what you thought of the episode. What did you get out of The Package?

peace… love… bdg…