okay, so last week i went 10-5 with my picks and 3-0 with my fantasy teams… pretty good start… and, if you consider that the lions got robbed of a victory, i was even better… this week, i plan to do better still having gotten a week under my belt and a better idea of how the teams are playing this year… and, yes, unfortunately, i realize that the Bills are playing like, well, the Bills… such is life… i’m going to go ahead and do headlines again this week because i thought that worked pretty well and i didn’t get any complaints… off we go…

Packers over Bills: Are you better than an NFL QB? In Buffalo you are.

Vikes over Fins: The Silver Fox Rides Again.

Chiefs over Browns: Jamaal Fades ‘Em All.

Cowboys over Bears: Midway Monsters Lose Battle of Dysfunction.

Falcons over Cards: The Two Lives of… Mister Anderson.

Panthers over Bucs: Rushing and Not Much Moore.

Eagles over Lions: Vick Makes a Case to Start Somewhere.

Ravens over Bengals: Dynamic Do-No.

Titans over Steelers: Former Duck is Covered.

Seahawks over Broncos: But They Probably Won’t Be Eligable Next Year.

Rams over Raiders: Someone had to Win.

Texans over Redskins: “If Only We Had a Runstopper.”

Pats over Jets: Slouch Rebounds, The Boys Are Back.

Jags over Chargers: San Diego Still Allergic to September Wins.

Colts over Giants: Big Brother Is Laughing.

Saints over 49ers: RATS! 0-2.

Now i should go check on my lineups…

peace… love… bdg…