okay, so last week dealt me a miserable 7-9 result on my picks, leaving me at 17-14 for the season so far… we’ll see if i can do better this week…

Chiefs over 49ers: Niners keep eeking out defeats.
Pats over Bills: Fitzpatrick not the answer either.
Saints over Falcons: Marching on and on.
Steelers over Bucs: It had to end sometime guys.
Giants over Titans: Young. Collins. If only we had a young Collins.
Lions over Vikes: M-I-S-S… ing the mark another week.
Ravens over Browns: Bad Offense + Good Defense = LOSS.
Bengals over Panthers: At least it wasn’t a run away victory.
Texans over Cowboys: Ride them Cowboys.
Rams over Skins: Let’s try running the ball.
Eagles over Jags: Kolb sobs. Vick remains the pick.
Chargers over Seahawks: Carroll-It’s a learning experience.
Cards over Raiders: See Saw up again for Derek.
Colts over Broncos: The higher they are, the farther they fall.
Fins over Jets: Jets bottled up.
Packers over Bears: Not there yet for the Bears.

so, a couple risky picks… we’ll see how it all works out…

peace… love… bdg…