Confession time. I know, or knew, very little about the most highly decorated soldier in American history. I knew of him – mostly from caricatures based on him – and assumed he was a brilliant military mind wrapped in a quirkiness that made him lovable and brave. As it turns out, he was just that. . . and so much more.

This man of conviction largely unknown to me was the American rockstar of the two generations ahead of me. MacArthur: America’s General reveals the allure, the mystique, and the majesty of the man who dominated headlines, captivated audiences wherever he went, and led the most powerful nation in war during his 52-year military career.

It’s a fascinating story – moreso that it’s true – and incredible to witness the importance of generational legacy that gets passed down from father to son. Gen. Douglas MacArthur was clearly a bi-product of his grandfather and father and the lessons he learned from them – both directly and indirectly – guided him through his own journey of becoming the man he was called to be.

This book is part of “The Generals” series from Thomas Nelson and, though I’ve only read two thus far, I’m quite enthusiastically looking forward to reading more from the series.