To Be Perfectly Honest – Phil Callaway

I didn’t expect to like this book – especially when I realized that Phil Callaway is a “Christian comedian.” It’s not that I dislike Christian comedians, I actually respect the difficulty they must face in treading that fine line between funny and family friendly. There’s a lot of pressure to be profane and a wealth of people who only respond to risque subject matter or the occasional curse word. I don’t envy that walk and, in fact, I’m pretty impressed at the stubbornness and perseverance. The truth is that it’s rare to find a comedian whose humor translates well to the written word.

With that in mind, I expected pages filled with bad puns and a rather disengaging gimmicky storyline. Shockingly enough the book has its fair share of puns, but between random pot-shot lines here and there, the real story unveiled a gripping reality that all the fruits of the spirit are intertwined. In fact, there are parts of this book that aren’t funny at all – and they’re not trying to be. This book about honesty reveals a man coming to grips with love, death, and forgiveness.

I’m not sure I’d like a Phil Callaway stand-up show, but I do have a healthy respect for the man revealed in the pages of this book, To Be Perfectly Honest.

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I was all set to write about Isaac’s Storm by Erik Larson because, like The Devil and the White City, it was a fascinating read, launching Larson to the top of my favorite authors list. However, since I didn’t get a promo copy of either books, I’m settling for just a passing nod and acknowledgement of his excellence as a writer.

Moving along, I’m in the middle of several books right now including Black (DeKker), Vigilante (Parrish), The Bone House (Lawhead), Jesus, My Father, The CIA, and Me (Cron) and others. It appears that I’m counterbalancing the recent run on biographies, but it may spell a serious slowing down in my overall reading progress. Balancing several fiction storylines is a bit harder than non-fiction. We’ll see how it works out though.

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