Thirty five years ago, The Muppet Show debuted and kicked things off with a sketch I’m sure made little sense to most viewers. And for years, I’ve just assumed it was a catchy tune with some silly puppets that was designed purely for light-hearted entertainment value. But, the other day (perhaps due to having a high fever or being overtired) a light came on and I realized this silly little video is a perfect illustration of the struggles associated with innovation.

No one is quite sure what to make of the act, including Kermit as he introduces it and the duo of Statler and Waldorf (that’s right, I know my Muppets) attempting to sum it up. Kermit says, “Whatever that is,” but is open to the idea of incorporating it into the show. S&W, in their confusion, conclude that no one should even care. The two pink clones represent colleagues who are used to doing things the current, accepted way.

Mahna Mahna himself, with his orange hair flying all over the place wants to shake things up and express himself creatively and artistically, which is fine as long as it fits into the status quo – the rhythm of the song. Once he starts riffing, they shut him down (even though it makes the song better). So many times, we’re all too comfortable in our rhythm of life and work to be bothered with any improvements and many times, we chase those innovators away. However, change is inevitable as represented by the phone call at the end. It’ll catch up with you sometime.

We all like to say we’re not fans of being stuck in a rut, but really, ruts are comfy. This video, this silly little puppet show, the Muppet Show sketch that started it all, reminds us to break from the norm and start riffing to our own rhythm. Or maybe Statler and Waldorf are right… who cares?

peace… love… bdg…