The Bone House – Stephen Lawhead
As I mentioned in my review of The Skin Map, which precedes the story captured here, my history with Stephen Lawhead has been shaky, but with the Bright Empire series, Lawhead is rewriting that history – and every other history imaginable. After a pretty interesting twist, book the second picks up where we left off, in the thick of the action.

Kit and company double and triple back through the dimensions as we fill in some gaps in the overarching story and blaze new narrative trails. Our travellers are determined to finish the mission of tracking down the skin map and unlock the keys to understanding the universe. We learn a bit more about the leys and our key players in the midst of their adventures. And, once again, we’re left satisfied, but looking forward to the next meal.

Another gripping piece to the unfolding saga that unlocks the reader’s immagination and keeps us hanging on until the end… and beyond. I’m going to have a hard time waiting for the next installment to land.

peace… love… bdg…