Here’s a goal I’ve never had before (sarcasm). I want to write more consistently and it starts here. I have begun work again on the redesign for the main site, but that’s still probably a ways off. So, until then, we’ll start right here with a series of posts called theTRu’s A to Z’s.

Basically, I’ll be selecting one piece of pop culture media that has my attention for each letter of the alphabet. These lists will eventually be living lists – updated periodically when something new takes over, but for a good baseline, I’ll plan lists for each of the main media forms of the day – TV, Movies, Music, Online, and Books. It’s a daunting task, but I’m going to take it one step at a time, and the first step is TV – A to F.

A is for Alcatraz. Already, we’re off to a rough start. By all counts, it seems that Alcatraz has been cancelled and will no longer air. I remember how intrigued I was when I first heard this show’s concept. Inmates and guards from Alcatraz, who disappeared in 1963 with no explanation, begin returning to society, without having aged and with no recollection of their lost time. As they appear, they seem to have a mission or assignment they must complete. I think it could’ve worked very well – and, on some level, it did work. However, Alcatraz unfortunately followed in Flash Forward’s footsteps and took on too many simultaneous story lines, preventing the plot from progressing at a reasonable pace. There were a lot of nice twists and turns and touch points throughout the season, but alas, it wasn’t meant to be. (My second pick for this was Awake, which actually had better pacing, but also suffered cancellation).

B is for Breaking Bad. I was absolutely late to this party, but watching Walt self destruct and reconstruct over the first four seasons has been captivating and fascinating. Yes, it’s definitely graphic at times, but it is a pretty effective modern morality tale and the acting is nothing short of exceptional. The fifth and final season just recently started and I expect it to wrap up in a way not many show can.

C is for Castle. Nathan Fillion is downright charming as Richard Castle, a mystery romance novelist who shadows a police detective to gain subject material for an upcoming book. Of course, he falls in love with her and the tension builds over time as one expects from a TV show. It’s pretty lighthearted and feel good. I’m okay with that. Sometimes you need to just relax and unwind. (Note: Castle replaced Chuck, which has run its course but was equally light).

D is for Decoded. I had absolutely zero idea who Brad Meltzer was when I happened across this show, courtesy of boredom and Netflix streaming. For the record, he’s an author and, with a team of investigators and friends, he explores some of the mysteries of history and life in general. And even though they never really come to any solid conclusions, I’ve enjoyed pretty much every episode and can’t wait for another season.

E is for ESPN First Take. This is another recent discovery for me. This show used to be called Cold Pizza, a morning talk show that centered around sports that I always wanted to watch, but never did. Well, now I tune in pretty regularly (depending on what’s going on in the sports world) to hear Stephen A Smith and Skip Bayless holler at each other out of mutual respect. It can wear on you if you tune in too much and now that I’m back in an office every day, I’m sure I’ll miss more than I watch… but there is a podcast. (Note: I anticipate this spot yielding to Elementary next fall).

F is for Friday Night Lights. This was actually a tough choice because Friday Night Lights has been off the air for a while now and I also really enjoy Fringe, which is currently building up to its grand sendoff after next season. However, as much as I like the mind-bending science fiction and conspiracy theories of Fringe, Friday Night Lights features the absolute best character-driven writing I’ve seen on television for quite some time. Another shout out to Netflix streaming for keeping this show available to me whenever I need a fix.

That’s all for now. Watch for part two of this coming soon.

peace… love… bdg…