If you’re not a “fan”— Wait, I mean, if you don’t “like” theTRu. on facebook or follow me on twitter (*hint, hint*), then you may not realize what’s going on with the front page here at theTRu. (Yes, Virginia – and other states – there IS a front page.)

Well, to make a long story short, I had the best intentions when I pulled the site down for a redesign a year and a half ago, but life got in the way. Recently, I’ve picked up the plow again and the work is underway. In the meantime, as a show of good faith and to tease your palate, I posted a sneak peek at the new design and content earlier this week. This preview includes a WalkTRu of the new TobyMac album (due out on the 28th), a review of the Rhett Walker Band debut album, and a brand new Left to Write editorial.

I mention this now, because by Monday, there will be more new content, including a brand new feature. And in the coming days, you can expect more from theTRu. I’m committed to finishing the design sooner rather than later, getting the full site running again, and pumping out new content tirelessly. I hope you’ll join me.

Question: What feature do you most want to see come back?

peace… love… bdg…