September 2012

Bookshelf28 Sep 2012 11:09 am

Life offers so many distractions. In the age of multi-tasking, it’s hard to find anyone willing to focus on anything exclusively for very long at all. When’s the last time you had an uninterrupted conversation with someone? When’s the last time you were able to give your full attention to any one thing. When’s the last time you composed a letter or blog post without stopping to check your email? (Guilty, and it was just a couple pieces of SPAM.) And yet, in spite of all the “increased productivity” and improved technology, I think somewhere deep down, we all admit that we would do at least a little bit better in life if we embraced a forgotten concept once called “focus.”

One Big Thing – Phil Cooke

Cooke isn’t specifically decrying multi-tasking or even the pursuit of multiple goals in life, but he does champion the notion of having one primary aim that is supported or enriched by any ancillary efforts. Our “One Big Thing” deserves our attention, despite the alluring siren call of other interests and activities. Too often, we find ourselves in roles and positions that limit our success because they’re not exactly our best chance for success. Cooke’s mantra (or one of them) is to pursue that one big thing that will result in you being the best in the world, whatever it is.
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Bookshelf&web19 Sep 2012 04:28 pm

Apparently it costs about $7 more to make fun of President Obama than Presidential Candidate Romney.

The Romney book is actually 20 pages longer, too. I don’t know that either of them are worth reading, but the Obama book was recommended to me by Amazon…

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MUSIC&reviews14 Sep 2012 11:57 pm

A little later than planned, but I’ve got this week’s Music of the Day here for you. I was planning to include the new release from ZZ Top, but honestly, it’s just not very good. Anyway, I did include a pretty wide variety of albums to talk about in 25 words or less. And this time for my random comparison, I went with board games. Enjoy.

Group 1 Crew – Fearless (CD) | (mp3)

Back to prove they’re not just a Christian Black-Eyed Peas, the Crew diversifies and delivers an energy-driven soundtrack for the kids inside us all. Cranium.

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Bookshelf&business13 Sep 2012 05:37 pm

Man Alive – Patrick Morley
Man Alive opens with the story of Welles Crowther. The “man in the red bandana,” Crowther was on the scene of the 9/11 attacks and selflessly accounted for numerous lives saved as he escorted others out of the South Tower of the WTC at the expense of his own life. His actions displayed the type of courage we all claim to have and hope we never have to display. Further, in his death, he spent his final hours on earth fully alive.

Patrick Morley is no stranger to books designed to encourage men to be more manly. He’s the author or the Man in the Mirror series, which seems to expand every year and he leads a men’s Bible study group of the same (or at least similar) name. Man Alive, the latest in his catalog, focuses on the seven “primal” needs of men. In a nutshell, they are companionship, acceptance, purpose, forgiveness, living water, accountability, and impact. Morley describes them differently, but I think this list accurately reflects what he’s getting at.

The book itself is chock full of personal stories of first-name-only men whose personal struggles exemplify each need and Morley’s guidance and encouragement. It is a surprisingly unrepetitive book, in that there are iterations and re-iterations, but not to the obnoxious extent that many books of this ilk tend to take it. Included amidst the pages are worksheets, gut-check quizzes, and discussion questions in case you share this book (as recommended) with a small group. I enjoyed the book, it was a mildly quick read at about 200 pages, and it offers some good insight along with practical examples.

creativity&general&web13 Sep 2012 10:08 am

Well, this is an entirely random post. Expect a Music of the Day update tomorrow and probably some more book posts soon as I’m round the final turn on a couple more. (I know, I read too much, but I also want to read so much more.) I also am planning to catch up on X-Factor AND The Voice sometime in the next week or so, and I’ll post something about those shows soon. And I’m sure I have things to say about the new NFL season. Lots to write… later.

Anyway, this advertisement that came to my inbox today gave me such a chuckle, I had to pass it along. They clearly should’ve picked a different cover for a subscription push, right? I mean, asking people to subscribe while at the same time asking “Why Bother?”… such a mixed message.

Full disclosure, I do not subscribe to Relevant Magazine, although I did for a long time. I still peruse their articles online now and again. And if you want to subscribe (despite this ad) go ahead. Why NOT Bother?

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Bookshelf11 Sep 2012 05:23 pm

I love reading books with the Littles. Even if we read them separately, it makes for some great conversations and besides, I’m a kid at heart. Here are a few kid’s books that I read recently and what I thought.

Disney After Dark (Kingdom Keepers Series, Vol 1) – Ridley Pearson

I had identified this book series as being of potential interest to my son a year or so back. He was 8 then and now we’re finally diving in. The first book presents the context for the entire series. A group of young teens have agreed to be models for an experimental program that creates 3-D holographic characters based on their likenesses. These characters, Disney Host Interactives (DHIs) serve as tour guides to guests of the park. However, they also serve as keepers of the kingdom, protecting Disney World – and presumably the world at large – from an evil plot coordinated by Disney Villains.
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Bookshelf&MUSIC&Politics&pop culture&reviews08 Sep 2012 12:39 am

This is, unfortunately, becoming a mantra of late. I’m thinking specifically of a scathing Op-Ed (presumably) “article” in Time Magazine (Why Akin Matters by Joe Klein), a similarly themed opinion piece in the New York Times (The Crackpot Caucus by Timothy Egan), and the highly controversial assaults on Creationism from Bill Nye the Science Guy. As if the main content isn’t enough, each piece serves as tinder to set off a firestorm of anger, vitriol, and name-calling in the comments sections. It’s clear that there are a lot of strong opinions for Evolution, Global Warming, and Christianity in general. And you would think, based on their fervor, that they have a better case than their opposition.

But, despite all the cues on television, louder doesn’t mean truer.

“Truth Is Still True”

To be clear, I’m a “stupid Christian who votes Republican.” I believe in God. I believe in Creation. I believe the Bible is true. But if you disagree, I don’t believe that makes you stupid or worth berating, belittling, or beating. It just means that we disagree and that’s okay. Our beliefs don’t threaten the truth any more than Petruchio’s proclamation that the sun is the moon affects which heavenly body is gracing the sky. What is true will be true regardless of how I describe it or what you believe it to be.

If I tell you a lie and you believe it, it’s still a lie.
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MUSIC&reviews07 Sep 2012 04:09 pm

Back with another dose of Music of the Day and we have five more albums to discuss in 25 words or less. A couple notes first: 1. The cartoon characters I ascribe to each album can be found at: and 2. In case it needs to be said, Matchbox Twenty is not a “Christian” band and they do have a few naughty words tucked away in their lyrics. You’ve been warned.

Lecrae – Gravity (CD) | (mp3)

Gravity is a force of nature, but it also means serious. Potent parables over powerful productions. Strong contender for best of the year, seriously. Grafitti.

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features&front page&reviews&walkTRu07 Sep 2012 01:27 pm

I know I promised this earlier in the week, but things have a way of cropping up. We do now have another sneak peek with some fresh content for you over on the front page. Head over to to catch a glimpse of the new layout in action, as showcased by a WalkTRu of Lecrae’s Gravity, an album review of The Upside of Down by Chris August, and a brand new feature we’re trying out called “The Headline TRus.” I think it’s pretty good stuff and hope you do, too.

Let me know what you think, if you notice any formatting oddities, or anything like that. Expect more such updates, sneak peeks, and progress in the coming weeks.

Peep theTRu and tell your friends, too!

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