Well, it was another eventful weekend in the NFL and fortunately enough for me, I went 13-3 for my picks and notched 2 third place finishes in fantasy football. I did, of course, cut all three of last week’s duds and revamped just in time to blow out both teams competing against me. Also of note, the Bills lost to the Dolphins, which means this was officially a horrible season for them. The Redskins won, but the Giants and Cowboys lost, making this week’s Cowboys and Redskins matchup for all the marbles. It’s nice to see that rivalry mean something again. The Packers won again, giving them a little more breathing room heading into the playoffs. And the Steelers lost (and were officially eliminated from the playoffs), making it a good week all around.

The AFC playoffs are pretty much locked up. The teams are set, but some of the final positions are still up in the air. However, in the NFC, there are still some teams fighting for a spot. It’s certainly going to be a fun weekend to watch football. And, making it even more thrilling, every game is on Sunday. No Thursday night, Saturday night, of Monday night game. Also, it’s another divisional matchup week. Every game is a rivalry and anything can happen. I mean, the Redskins were terrible last year and they beat the Giants, who went on to win the Super Bowl, TWICE. That makes it worth tuning in this week, even if the games have no implications on the playoffs, like say, the Browns vs. Steelers game. (Or, to be fair, the Bills/Jets game.)

Of further interest, the NFL announced the lineups for the Pro Bowl. It’s interesting, not because anyone wants to watch the Pro Bowl, but rather because everyone wants to argue about who the best running backs are in the league. Oddly enough, there were no Bills named to the AFC team. And this is a Pro Bowl team with FIVE members of the 2-13 Kansas City Chiefs. 5 Chiefs, 0 Bills. Less surprising is that the the 49ers, Texans, and Patriots are sending the most players (9,8, and 7, respectively).

Anyway, let’s dig into the picks.


Bucs (6-9) at Falcons (13-2): The case for the Falcons are plenty. They’re at home, they’re a better team, and the Bucs have disappeared the last few weeks. The case for the Bucs is that the Falcons are set and may not want to risk any injuries. Falcons 24-21.

Jets (6-9) at Bills (5-10): Chance for payback. The Jets put a hurt on the Bills to start the season. It was the one game Mark Sanchez looked like a legitimate quarterback. I don’t see that happening in Buffalo. Bills 35-27.

Ravens (10-5) at Bengals (9-6): Both teams have had their highs and lows throughout the season, but they both looked pretty impressive last week when the stakes were raised. Bengals 20-19.

Bears (9-6) at Lions (4-11): The Bears still have a glimmer of hope that they’ll find themselves in the playoffs. The Lions are just terrible this year, despite Megatron’s single season receiving yards record. Bears 33-28.

Texans (12-3) at Colts (10-5): There’s still something in it for the Texans, but is home field enough to make them fight hard? The Colts are in, but do they want a breather before Wild Card week? tough to say. Colts 28-24.

Panthers (6-9) at Saints (7-8): Both teams are showing signs of life as the season closes out, but it’s too little, too late for both. They’re playing for pride and positioning for next year. Saints 42-38.

Eagles (4-11) at Giants (8-7): The Giants have traditionally limped into the playoffs when they win the whole thing, but this year, they might not even make it. They should win this one though. Giants 30-13.

Browns (5-10) at Steelers (7-8): The Browns beat the Steelers a few weeks ago. They could easily beat them again. Browns 16-13.

Jaguars (2-13) at Titans (5-10): I know I said every game is worth tuning in for, but maybe not every game… Titan 23-17.


Chiefs (2-13) at Broncos (12-3): Not much of a contest here, despite both teams sending the same amount of players to the Pro Bowl. Broncos 34-10.

Packers (11-4) at Vikings (9-6): Lots to watch in this game. Can Peterson break the single-season rushing record? Can the Packers stay healthy? Packers 30-27.

Dolphins (7-8) at Patriots (11-4): Well, the Dolphins won last week, but they lost their playoff hopes. The Patriots are the Patriots, but they struggled against the Jags last week. Pats 48-23.

Raiders (4-11) at Chargers (6-9): Did I see Matt Leinart in action last week? Wow times are tough in Oakland. Chargers 27-13.

Rams (7-7-1) at Seahawks (10-5): This might have been a good matchup a month ago. Seahawks are on fire right now and they’re at home. Sorry, Jeff. Seahawks 45-15.

Cardinals (5-10) at 49ers (10-4-1): One last practice game before the playoffs. One last nightmare before a long winter nap. 49ers 27-6.


Cowboys (8-7) at Redskins (8-7): The linchpin game in the NFC. It’s good to see these two teams square off for something meaningful. The Redskins are riding a 6-game winning streak since their bye week that includes a Thanksgiving Day win over these Cowboys. However, these Cowboys are different than they were on Thanksgiving and they’ve won 6 of their last 7, including four straight nail-biters. It’s going to be a hard-fought match with everything on the line. Redskins 35-31.

Enjoy the games.

peace… love… bdg…