As promised, I’ve uncovered a handful of releases from August that I missed in the catch-up process. In fact, surprise of surprises, I had more than enough for one and actually pulled together enough for two parts to this month. This feature never ends, right? Well, before the year disappears completely, let’s get to it. 25 words or less in summation of the albums, a couple recommendations for other artists and key tracks, and a random comparison. This week, in honor of the NFL playoffs, I’m comparing each album to a playoff team (Today, is the AFC – part two will be the NFC). okay, let’s go.

Tenth Avenue North – The Struggle (CD) | (mp3)

While not initially arresting, it grows on you over time with subtle textures and smooth, controlled melody lines. Contemplative and worth revisiting. New England Patriots.

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DON’T MISS: Shadows, Strangers Here

An Epic, No Less – Echo of Love (CD) | (mp3)

Surprisingly strong release from an unheralded group. With striking pop sensibilities, wonderful rhythmic structures, and captivating vocals, they’re worth watching. Hopefully, they’ll last. Indianapolis Colts.

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DON’T MISS: One Word, Bright White Light

Owl City – Midsummer Station (CD) | (mp3)

Another rich pop project from the wunderkind with electronic roots. Offbeat, quirky arrangements offer plenty to enjoy from this fun-filled flight of fancy. Houston Texans.

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DON’T MISS: Gold, Take It All Away

Tamela Mann – Best Days (CD) | (mp3)

This actress offers her best performance in the role of a singer, with soulful, heartfelt, and honest lyrics served over engaging, passionate arrangements. Baltimore Ravens.

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DON’T MISS: Back in the Day Praise, Take Me to the King

The Wrecking – So Much for Love (CD) | (mp3)

If JJ Abrams wrote worship music, with twists and turns and unexpected surprises, it would be something like this. Intimate, intricate, and intrinsic. Denver Broncos.

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DON’T MISS: Tidal Wave, The Reason

That’s a wrap for today, we’ll see you back here on Wednesday. Happy New Year, everyone.

peace… love… bdg…