And we’re back. I was a little distracted last week and I’m still distracted, but I’m fighting through it. We’re finally at the part where Joshua leads the Israelites across the Jordan River. This is an exciting time for the budding nation and, as we discussed last time, it’s the moment God has chosen to cement Joshua’s leadership role.


As we start this passage, we find Joshua reiterating the vision and instructions for crossing the Jordan. He reminds the Israelites of the promise that has kept them going all this time: God will give us the Promised Land. That’s their vision, their goal. He reminds them of their instructions: Follow the Ark of the Covenant, follow God. He explains how it’s going to happen: Once the priests wade into the water, the river will stop flowing and a path will appear.

It almost seems redundant and certainly feels as though it’s been distilled into a handy little summary. But this is exactly what the Israelites needed. This is what we all need from time to time. Little reminders of where we are, why we’re here, and what’s to be expected. This is a rally cry that will unite the nation in either skepticism or hope. And either way, it won’t be long before the truth is revealed.

“And so it was,” begins verse 14. Everything Joshua said came true. Everything God promised came to pass. And not only did it kind of come true, it came true in a big way. The priests who led the way stood on “dry ground.” And the Israelites crossed over on “dry ground.” Not muddy ground. Not in ankle-deep water. The river didn’t just subside. It parted. It dried up completely. As if the water had never been there in the first place. There was no room for doubts or questions. It was clearly a supernatural event. Just as it had been promised.

As leaders, it’s important to recognize when our team needs a little pep talk. Those little reminders of why we’re doing exactly what we’re doing and how it all fits into the big picture. And when the time comes for the vision to be realized, goals to be accomplished, or even positive steps to be made. There will be credit to distribute. It might not be as easy to identify who deserves what credit, but it’s vital that the right people get the right credit. This is how you keep a team together and moving in the right direction.

There’s a little bit more to unpack here, but we’ll get to that next time.

peace… love… bdg…