October 2013

SPORTS31 Oct 2013 08:16 pm

Happy Halloween.

Tonight, the Bengals orange will triumph over the washed out orange-like color of the Dolphins. Bengals, 42-18.

peace… love… bdg…

Bookshelf&SPORTS28 Oct 2013 04:16 pm

On the heels of a monumental collapse from the Washington Redskins, my review of two books about RGIII may seem like I’m piling on or that I’m diverting attention from the troublesome start to this, Griffin’s sophomore season at the helm. The Redskins,in case you don’t follow football, rocketed out to a 21-7 lead over the Denver Broncos yesterday before watching the game evaporate into a 45-21 blowout. Yes, they gave up a stunning 31 points in the 4th quarter in the loss, but perhaps of more concern than that, RGIII left the game after landing awkwardly on this left, unbraced, knee. This, after the worst passing game of his NFL career.

Which leads to the obvious question: Is RGIII healthy enough to play?

Which leads to the obvious question: Will RGIII ever be the same electrifying player we saw during his rookie campaign?

And if you’re unfamiliar with his rookie campaign, shame on you. No, I’m kidding, but if you want to better understand that season and this quarterback, the following two books will help.
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SPORTS26 Oct 2013 10:55 pm

Once again, I’m behind. So, today will be quick. No pleas for Tebow to get signed. No bemoaning the Bills and their destiny. No vain attempts to be a legitimate football analyst and talk about the best or worst the game has to offer. I don’t even have time to complain about the fact that my fantasy teams both lost last week even though they should have done quite well.

No time for any of that. Just the picks… here are this week’s picks.

Oh, before that. I also won’t even brag about getting 10 right again, for a running total of 67-40. Really, no time. Not even scores this week. Here are the winners:

Lions, 49ers, Chiefs…
Patriots, Saints, Eagles…
Bengals, Steelers, Falcons…
Broncos, Packers, and…

peace… love… bdg…

SPORTS24 Oct 2013 04:36 pm

So, it’s Thursday again. It seems like it’s always Thursday. Well, not really, but it’s hard to believe that it’s Thursday again. Anyway, it’s pretty apparent at this point of the season and with this many potential opportunities that either Tebow doesn’t want to play this year or that nobody wants him to play this year. I guess it works out well in both cases. Teams don’t want to change their offenses midseason and Tebow doesn’t want to walk into a losing situation. It’s best to just save up your PR for next season maybe.

Anyway, tonight we have two teams full of players who are actually playing this season. Though, “playing” is kind of loosely applied here. The Buccaneers are hosting the Panthers. Thursday Night Football! (Actually, I’m still not sure that’s a good thing…)

The Bucs have sustained far too much damage already this year and, with no wins, are all but abandoning ship at this point. The Panthers are basically the Bills in teal – a sub-.500 team that always promises more than it delivers.

The Bucs haven’t won yet and the Panthers are 3-3. The Bucs are the home team, but the Panthers actually have a quarterback. So how does this end? (Besides with bad ratings?) Like this:

Panthers 27, Bucs 17.

peace… love… bdg…

SPORTS19 Oct 2013 11:06 pm

Once again, I’m falling behind schedule. Even with a day off earlier this week, it seemed to simply make the days go by faster and make it harder to keep pace. Anyway, the football weekend has dawned upon us and I’ll have some picks in a minute. Last week, I went 10-5, bringing me to a tally of 57-35 on the season, which is middle of the pack for the experts tracked here: http://pickwatch.nflpickwatch.com/p/standings.html

Not bad, says I, complimenting myself.

Anyway, concussions are back at the forefront of the conversation thanks to the League of Denial book and documentary. And not to mention Danny Amendola dropping on the sidelines like a sack of potatoes last week after a very slow start. What can be done about this? That’s really the question that should be asked. Not just who to blame. Then again, this is America and we do seem to like to pass blame and judgement rather than proposing solutions. Taking our cues from the government, I guess.

So, fantasy… how are your teams doing. I’m holding in strong with both of my teams. I think the weakest link is wide receiver for the most part. I’m 4-2 in both leagues, which is good enough for 1st place in one, but 3rd in the other. I’m definitely leading both leagues in the number of transactions. I make a lot of adjustments throughout the season.

And now, the picks.
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SPORTS17 Oct 2013 08:31 pm

Everything is falling apart!


However, tonight’s game is still on and it will go like this…

Seahawks 28, Cardinals 20.

more later…

peace… love… bdg…

SPORTS12 Oct 2013 11:55 pm

Another week, another 32 doors shut in Tim Tebow’s face. Still no one bringing him in for a tryout at least? Weird. Anyway, the Giants continued their anti-domination this week to start off the weekend with a familiar tone. Does that mean we can expect the same old same old this week with no upsets? Probably not. There might be some surprises.

Speaking of surprises, last year’s big surprise was the Seattle Seahawks, who, on the back of scrappy little Russell Wilson (and a lot of great defense) went deep into the playoffs. This year it looks like the big surprise will be either the New York Jets or the Indianapolis Colts. Here are the cases for both.

First, the Colts. They’ve already had some “shocking” victories. They beat down the 49ers. They beat the Seahawks. Now, they’ve got a credible running game. They’ve not had that in a long time. The surprise is that it’s a young team and despite making the playoffs last year, not many expected them to be this good, this soon. The detraction is that they did make the playoffs last year and many expect them to be great in the near future.
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SPORTS10 Oct 2013 04:52 pm

Well, tonight’s game is pretty easy. The Giants are terrible and the Bears are a second-tier team right now.

Bears 30, Giants 17.

The tiers? Okay. There are seven.

First Tier: Broncos, Seahawks, Chiefs
Second Tier: Dolphins, Bengals, Colts, Bears, Saints
Third Tier: Patriots, Browns, Lions, Packers, 49ers
Fourth Tier: Ravens, Texans, Titans, Cowboys, Vikings
Fifth Tier: Jets, Eagles, Raiders, Chargers, Falcons, Panthers, Cardinals, Rams
Sixth Tier: Giants, Steelers, Redskins, Bills
Seventh Tier: Jaguars, Buccaneers

Any questions?

peace… love… bdg…

general04 Oct 2013 11:51 pm

Has anyone signed Tebow yet? There’s another team that needs a QB now. Well, maybe a couple.

Yes, the Bills did it to me again! Yes, it’s just to ME. And EJ is out for a few games, now, so the promise that was bubbling up is on hold again. I just want a winning season… is that too much to ask for? Just 9 wins.

Enough personal ranting. We have a full slate of football games coming up this weekend, though, my advice this week is to record some of the early games and watch them during the later time slots. The games lose intrigue as the weekend wears on. At least this week. I mean, really, Falcons and Jets? Really?

Anyway, I’m going to dive right into picks this week again, because I’m a little distracted by a swim meet this weekend. Last week, I went 10-5, so I’m 39-24 for the season so far. I’m hoping to break 50 this week. Here we go.
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SPORTS03 Oct 2013 04:49 pm

It’s Thursday already… wow!

And the Bills square off against the Browns tonight. Two Rag-tag teams battling as much against themselves as the other team. The Bills are dealing with injuries to many of their key players and the Browns are simply dealing their key players. And as difficult as it is to call a game like this, I’m leaning on my intuition and a lot on my heart. Here goes…

Bills 27, Browns 24

Also, I’m starting Robert Hill on my fantasy teams (after dumping Stevie Johnson) so I’m either a genius, crazy, or really hard up for receivers. (Or probably some combination of all three.)

Enjoy the game!

peace… love… bdg…