February 2014

general25 Feb 2014 05:13 pm

So, the Olympics are over and everyone knows which countries got how many medals and everyone has an opinion on who got jilted. That’s the bottom line. However, there were a few side storylines that jumped out. The general lack of preparation. The dogs. Bob Costas’s pink eye outbreak. Oh yeah, and the new definition of “Alternative Lifestyle.”

Okay, let me first say that I totally understand what the writer was trying to do here. Honestly, to be happily married and have a 2-year old daughter at 23 is something of an anomaly these days. Especially as an X Games athlete, a career choice that carries with it the stigma (stereotype) of slacking off, tempting fate, and letting the world mature around you while you hold onto youth for dear life. I’m pretty sure that’s as far as Wilder intended to go. Chances are, he had nothing to do with writing the headline (and “alternative” doesn’t appear in the article). So, no reason to be upset with Skyler Wilder.

There is cause for concern, though, and I don’t have room here to fully delve into it, but I will absolutely introduce my thoughts and hopefully get back to them in the near future for a deeper dive. Stoke the fires of discussion so to speak. [continue reading this post…]

general20 Feb 2014 05:09 pm

If you live in one of the 49 states that has snow on the ground, you understand the concept of shoveling. I know, the mere mention of it sends a tweak down my back, but I learned something this time around. See, I have two boys who are more than capable of shoveling out our driveway in most cases. And yet, when I sent them out there to take care of it, I found them lounging around aimlessly, as if they didn’t know what to do.

See, I sent them out there and said, “shovel the driveway,” which makes some sense to most of us, but it’s wasn’t specific enough for them. It wasn’t until I went out, shoveled a stripe down the middle of the driveway, and defined a space and time for them to complete their task that they finally dug in and got to work. That specificity is something I need when I plan out my own tasks. Never just a broad stroke, but always narrow down my focus and knock out the task bit by bit, or shovelful by shovelful.

music. Hawk Nelson. Made.

I heard Faithful this morning and immediately recognized the vocal, but had forgotten it was on this album. I’ve been listening to it on and off the rest of the day.

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general15 Feb 2014 12:11 am

Busy, busy week. I spent far too much time this week wondering if it was okay for a zoo to publicly kill a giraffe and far too much time shoveling snow. What I’ve come up with is this…

Q: If a giraffe is felled in an empty forest does it make a noise?
A: Depends on when the snow starts accumulating.

So, really, I don’t know anything about giraffes – I’m not even certain what sound they make. (I actually think that would be a better song than the fox one.) But I do know that there are no empty forests in the world today, there are only distractions that keep things from entering the public conversation. Otherwise, everything is reported and everything is apparently fair game.

Oh, Happy Valentine’s Day. (See what I did there? Distraction…)

music. Anthem Lights. You Have My Heart.
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general10 Feb 2014 05:35 pm

Delivering bad news is never easy, but when someone stands in front of a crowd and has to deliver a message no one in the audience is going to be happy about, you have to admire them, right? Well, I do, anyway. And even though I still didn’t like the message, I can’t help but be thankful for the leadership example. Of course, I guess it has a lot to do with how much you like the guy in the first place, right?

Anyway, I’m being non-specific in hopes that I can keep it short. It’s Monday, it’s a busy day and I’m going to have to keep this quick.

music. OneRepublic – Dreaming Out Loud

This is on the $5 list at Amazon this month and It’s a great album. I have a suspicion that the more I work on my latest project, the more I’ll listen to some of the songs on this album. How’s that for a teaser?

media. 100 Books (pt. 3)


Wimpy Kid. Haven’t read and I don’t mean to speak poorly of it, but I wouldn’t really consider it worthy of inclusion but for the unique presentation (for the time) and the cultural impact. [continue reading this post…]

general07 Feb 2014 05:33 pm

Well, I missed yesterday. Had a schedule shift and never got back to this. Anyway, it’s an exciting weekend because the Olympics finally start after all the build up. Not that Sochi is ready for them. Lots of strange reports coming from the front lines. It used to be about the best of sports from around the world, but now it’s like a summer camp showdown. Reality TV at it’s finest.

Anyway, enjoy the weekend, enjoy the games (if you choose to watch), but first there’s this.

music. Don’t Drink the Water – Playdough

Yes. My tribute to the Olympics.

media. 100 Books (pt. 2) http://amzn.to/1evl3SQ

The next ten books that should make you “well read.”


Are You There? I’m not sure if I ever actually read this, but it’s a “girl” book anyway. [continue reading this post…]

general05 Feb 2014 03:48 pm

Focus. I read a book about dynamic communication not long ago (and reviewed it here) and the biggest takeaway I found was the importance of having and maintaining your focus. Two stories today struck me as examples of focus. First, Shaun White withdrew from the “slope style” snowboarding event in the upcoming Olympics. Instead, he’s narrowing his focus on the halfpipe, where he has traditionally dominated the competition.

Second, CVS Corporation has announced that their stores will stop carrying tobacco products because selling cigarettes and related products goes against their ultimate focus of being a health care provider for consumers. This is a bold move that could cost them billions of dollars in sales and there’s a lot more to unpack – including a semi-snide remark about shelf space for marijuana – but today my focus will be on Amazon’s list of 100 Books to Read in a Lifetime below.
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general04 Feb 2014 05:31 pm

The headlines today cover a lot of territory, including the Super Bowl outcome and fall out, Microsoft’s new CEO, ten years of Facebook, winter weather, the Winter Olympics, and heroin. Yes. Heroin. Apparently the death of Philip Seymour Hoffman over the weekend has ignited the coverage of drug overdoses and the rise of heroin as a drug of choice. This really is a concern, I’ll give you that and Hoffman’s death is saddening to be sure.

But I just read the most ridiculous lack of logic in response to this, leveraging Hoffman’s death to promote widespread legalization of pretty much all drugs known to man. Because, as Eugene Robinson of the Washington Post puts it, “As long as [drug] commerce is illegal, it is totally unregulated.” (http://wapo.st/MqB1D8) Essentially, not only is Hoffman a victim of his addictions, the drug dealer, and a bad batch of heroin, he’s also a victim of the government, who should have legalized and regulated these drugs. Never mind that Hoffman reportedly turned to heroin because his prescription drugs – which he had also been abusing – ran out.
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