March 2014

general20 Mar 2014 09:35 pm

Did you know there’s a plane missing out there? Here’s how I’ve processed this information thus far.

First question: How can you lose a plane in this day and age?
Second question: Is Lost coming back?
Third question: Seriously? They really lost a plane?
Fourth question: Why are the producers of Lost answering questions? Is Lost coming back?
Fifth question: Enough already, where is the plane?
Sixth question: Conspiracy? No… if this was a conspiracy, Edward Snowden would’ve been on that plane.
Seventh question: Courtney Love is still alive?
Eight question: How can you lose a plane in this day and age?
Ninth question: Really? No one on board took a selfie in an oxygen mask? “We’re going down, ROTFL. CrashTag: Malaysian Air”
Tenth question: Australia? Seriously, how do you lose a PLANE?

It’s kind of crazy and, if nothing else a distraction from other world events like war and stuff.

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general13 Mar 2014 01:37 pm

I grew up picking Sony over pretty much every other brand for all my electronics needs, I mean wants. As far as I was concerned, they were the bees knees. The best mesh of style and function. They were at the forefront of the industry for audio, portable devices, video games, and yes, even eReaders. I wanted a Sony eReader so badly for years before I finally broke down and, um, bought a Kindle because it offered a much better ecosystem, but that’s beside the point. The point is, Sony helped usher in the digital world of music and books which now has all but dwarfed the world of physical books and CDs. And now, in light of that success… Sony is closing their Reader Store this month.

For some reason, their business model includes keeping this in stock:


But not this:

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