October 2014

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In case you were worrying… you can stop. Christmas is in good hands…

Saving Christmas

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Smart Money, Smart Kids – Rachel Cruze, Dave Ramsey

Money. No one likes to talk about it or think about it, but, inevitably, it is one that we are confronted with many times a day. Unfortunately, by not talking about money, we aren’t thinking through the implications or consequences of our spending habits. This often leaves us without financial plans, savings strategies, or appropriate goals – much less the means to attain them. And, for those of us who are parents, these deficiencies are passed on to our children, placing them in a difficult position as they face their future.

Enter the Dave Ramsey and his daughter, Rachel Cruze. The Ramsey name is somewhat synonymous with giant scissors cutting up credit cards and phrases like, “cash is king,” “normal is broke,” and “debt is dumb.” His Financial Peace University program just crossed the twenty year mark and has been making a significant impact across the country. Having participated in the program a few times, I’ve learned one of the most common questions from attendees is, “how can I teach this to my kids?” Well, here you go. Rachel Cruze co-authors this book from the unique perspective of a “Ramsey kid” and explains the basic principles and practices she’s learned growing up with the FPU program.

Covered topics include the importance of giving, saving, and spending – in the right order – avoiding debt altogether, and paying for college, cars, and more. However, and most importantly, Cruze and Ramsey tackle the underlying issues of the growing problem: discontentment. SMART is a thorough guide to teaching kids common sense and practical money management. Absolutely recommend this to parents and kids.

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