June 2015

My504 Jun 2015 03:36 pm

The headline read something like, “CONTROVERSY: New show helps those in need – but only after an unbelievable decision.” And I know they are trying to bait me into clicking, but the accompanying picture was of a couple fighting and my imagination got the best of me.briefcase

I immediately thought they had to break up their family to keep the money. I know, crazy, but that’s the kind of “controversy” I expect from a headline like that. (I suppose I’m more naive than I’d like to admit). So I clicked. What I got was the trailer for a new reality show called, The Briefcase.

My 12-year old son was nearby and, as he is so often prone to do, he eaves-watched as the trailer played. After the brief video, I came across endless scathing reviews of the show, which had premiered a week earlier than I knew about it. I’ve seen it shunned for exploiting poverty. I’ve seen it called a real life Hunger Games. It “reaches a new low of immorality,” “manipulates the impoverished,” “pits struggling families against each other,” and so on, and so on.
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My504 Jun 2015 01:16 pm

I blew it yesterday!

My five minutes of writing managed to elude me and I don’t know that I really have any good excuse except that I didn’t chase it hard enough. This will be a struggle, but if I believe I’m a writer, I need to write.

distractionI’m still deciding whether or not I’m going to double up today (like my kids do when they skip a swim practice).

The point is, though: I’m here now.

And my next five minutes will begin soon and, as a tease, I’ll be talking about a very controversial television show. Spoiler alert, I don’t think like everyone else talking about this show…

Curiosity piqued? Cool. Does this count as my five minutes?

peace… love… bdg…

My502 Jun 2015 11:51 pm

Well, I made it one day without running out of time. Two, technically, if you count today.

It is pretty late in the day to count towards my five minutes a day of writing – and I’m not sure I have five minutes worth of content, but I feel like if I just type this out and stick with it then it will inspire me to write again tomorrow. And then tomorrow again. That’s how momentum works.

Since it is/was Tuesday, I was going to write about new music that came out today, but nothing came out that interested me. That’s becoming more and more common. Am I getting over music? Is exciting music just a thing of the past? Do you get excited about music?

I did listen to some Gill Gatsby today and that was well worth a listen. I didn’t see a full album available, but he’s done some freestyle spots on the NYC radio shows that are impressive and he’s got a couple videos on YouTube. Looks like he’s an indie right now and his album came out in March.

There, now I’m excited. And that’s what five minutes looks like after a long day of work and swim practices.

peace… love… bdg…

My501 Jun 2015 04:18 pm

I’m writing again. I’ve decided to give myself 5 minutes to dedicate to writing each day. tig-poohHopefully, I can gain some momentum and get to where I can at least occasionally writing something that takes longer than 5 minutes. I’m sure some themes will emerge as I do this – like, what I write about on each day – because that’s the nature of things. I actually hope they do, because that means it’s becoming a habit again. A habit that’s better than, say, my habit of eating chocolate at 3:30 every day.

Anyway, I had something else in mind to write about today, but this topic seemed like a better place to start. How Writing Has Positively Influenced My Life, which also allows me to enter a contest hosted by Positive Writer at the last possible moment of eligibility. That’s another habit of mine… The clock starts now.

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