August 2015

MUSIC&walkTRu29 Aug 2015 12:51 pm

Someone, somewhere, for some reason upset the apple cart and changed the music release schedule so that new music comes out on Fridays now. I can’t get used to that, but as I was poking around Spotify yesterday, I saw a familiar name and felt compelled to give it a listen and took the opportunity to force myself to write again. I need to do that more often anyway. So, below is that result. Enjoy.

K-OS – Can’t Fly Without Gravity

A long time ago, I heard a song called “Sunday Morning” by k-os (knowledge of self) that caught my ear and seemed like the next song of the summer, following on the heals of Gnarls Barkley’s “Crazy”. Turns out, it didn’t gain that much traction, but I had discovered a new artist and really enjoyed his albums, ATLANTIS and JOYFUL REBELLION. Hadn’t heard from him in a while, but here he is again, this time with capital letters. Let’s check it out:
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general&MUSIC&My5&web25 Aug 2015 04:58 pm

Today’s “My Five” (yes, I’m ignoring my absence) is in conjunction with a podio/radicast/talk show that I listen to live pretty much every Tuesday and Friday. Shoe the Doe Live (or Later) is the brainchild of Aaron and Deneé and if you catch it live, you get to chat along with them and try to distract them and affect the show. (Not that anyone would do such a thing).shoethedoe

Every once in a while, they do a special show, dubbed a New Music Digest, where they look at four new albums that have been released recently. They let the first few songs play on the show and add their comments as they listen to it for the first time. (Yes, very similar to when I used to do walkTRus, but I don’t think they stole the idea or anything.)

Anyway, since I don’t talk about music much anymore and since I’m trying to get back into writing more, what better entrance than this one to talk about. Here’s how it went down today:
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Bookshelf06 Aug 2015 04:37 pm

I walked into the break room the other day and observed two tables. Both tables were surrounded by my colleagues, but they were markedly different. At one table, the four occupants were chatting up a storm, laughing and carousing between bites, sharing a meal and life stories. At the other table, six of my colleagues shared a familiar posture – head down, expressionless faces locked into a phone screen, thumbs and fingers firing off messages into the stratosphere.

I don’t think it makes me an old fogey to recognize that life at the first table is way more like what life should look like. And I don’t think it makes me too much of a hypocrite to admit that more often than not, I’ll find my way to table two. That’s why God put people like Donald Miller in the world.

Scary Close – Donald Miller

Some of Miller’s earlier books have caused a stir of controversy amongst religious readers, but there’s little in SCARY CLOSE to argue with. The basic premise is that we are here on this earth in a community of other people and things go much better for all of us if we are honest with each other and act like we were uniquely designed to rather than how we wish we could be perceived.

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