My5 today is a random mix of things I’ve been meaning to write about… should be fun.

The Muppets are back and Miss Piggy has a late-night show. These are more “adult” muppets apparently and the broken relationship between Piggy and Kermit is at the “heart” of storylines. I’m okay with that, I guess. The move to a late-night show makes sense because there aren’t any variety shows on the air these days. In that sense, it’s a smart decision. It’s hard to say whether this will work or be funny in the long run because, for the pilot, all the funny moments were already in the trailers. What’s missing? Puns. The Muppets are supposed to be fraught with puns. Just saying.

bills helmetIncreased concern about concussions, but 2 plays in week one featured players getting stripped of their helmets. Ndamukong Suh tackled Redskins running back Alfred Morris and then kicked his helmet off of his head while Morris still lay on the field. No penalty. No fine. On the west coast, Adam Jones tackled Amari Cooper and proceeded to rip off Cooper’s helmet and slam Cooper’s head into the helmet. He was fined at least. Seems like mixed messages being sent by the league.

I heard this a while back, but Facebook wants to add a “dislike” button to the site, but they are perplexed. They want to add the button because it doesn’t make sense to “like” sad status updates, such as “my dog just died.” They don’t want to add the button because it can easily turn into a hater/online bullying tool. I have solved the problem and will share my free advice here. Change “like” to “I feel you” or “I’m with you”. Simple as that.

Football again.
A few predictions for the season:
Robert Griffin III is traded to the Houston Texans by the end of the season after the Texans figure out that, once again, they don’t have a starting quarterback on their roster.
Tim Tebow rejoins the Eagles after Chip Kelly fails to secure RGIII from Washington and Johnny Football from Cleveland.
Tom Brady throws a total of 53 touchdowns, 27 of which go to Gronk.

Andy Mineo’s latest album, Uncomfortable, is available now at your favorite store. I’ve listened to it a couple times now and it’s really strong artistically and musically. It is marked with a style unique to Mineo and has plenty in the arrangements and lyrics to keep listeners engaged from top to bottom. That said, it often conveys a bleak perspective, leaving Mineo standing amidst the chaos, like a lighthouse weathered by a hurricane.

Also in music this week, Joey the Jerk is back! Catch [him] if you can.

I’m sure there was more in music, but that’s what caught my ear.

Thanks for lending me yours.
peace… love… bdg…