So, I’ve previously written about the first two books in the Dreamtreaders series and I’m happy to wrap things up and talk about the final book in the trilogy. In review, the first two books of the series set the stage for a cataclysmic, maybe epic conclusion. Did it work? Was the payoff worth it? Was it everything expected? Well…

The War for the Waking World – Wayne Thomas Batson

I’ll try to avoid spoilers, but if you’ve made it this far, you should already understand the concept of dream treading, the fabric between the dream world and reality, and the threat that has caused a rift between the worlds. Does this signify the rise of a new Nightmare Lord? Will the worlds collide and cause irreparable damage to our very existence? Do I sound enough like that old Batman announcer, yet?

All these questions (except the Batman one) are addressed in THE WAR FOR THE WAKING WORLD. Unfortunately, as a reader, you pretty much know most of the answers before you read them. Knowing that this is book three of the trilogy and that resolution is guaranteed, you can easily predict enough to make the ending a foregone conclusion. That’s not to say that it doesn’t work or that it’s not worth reading, just that it’s not as thrilling as it perhaps could have been. Which also makes it less memorable, which is also why I had to refresh my memory before writing this even though I finished the book just a couple weeks ago.

I did enjoy this series quite a bit, but it began to unwind a bit during this finale. Batson introduced a handful of additional plot lines here that distracted from the focus of the story and weakened the effect. It almost felt like there was a specific page count required and, knowing he couldn’t get there with what he had (though I beg to differ) he cast a wider net before reigning in the story. This also messed with the pacing of the book, which hadn’t been an issue in the previous two books.

Ultimately, the Dreamtreaders series is a worthwhile venture, but by the end, you kind of have to work at remembering why. I definitely recommend it, just be prepared for a wild ride that uses every gear available.

peace… love… bdg…