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First off, I debated on which song to choose for a while because, honestly, I can’t hear the word “comeback” without thinking of LL Cool J’s classic hit, “Mama Said Knock You Out.” In fact, I just got distracted by writing that and had to go listen to it before I could continue. However, I did go with the b.reith song for a couple reasons I’ll get to later. Before that, it’s time for a book review.

The Comeback – Louis Giglio

Louie Giglio is well known in Christian circles (and there was that nasty little thing was the President’s prayer breakfast). You could say he’s been here for years, but then you might get side tracked again, so I wouldn’t recommend that. Anyway, he is known primarily for his role within the Passion movement, the genesis of which he actually recounts at the beginning of this book, and his public speaking engagements. THE COMEBACK captures one such teaching series and small group study topic on page.

Giglio reminds us that the primary storyline of all our lives is one of redemption. God is calling us back to Him and it’s up to us to accept his offer of grace and restoration. Weaving numbers of personal anecdotes and Biblical accounts into his message, Giglio connects with the reader on an emotional level and drives home his point. And all the stories of brokenness restored, pain consoled, and lives renewed lead straight to the final chapter (and Giglio’s intent): The Ultimate Comeback, which covers the life, death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Normally, I get a little upset when a book closes with an altar call, but normally, they are out of the blue. In the case of THE COMEBACK, it’s clear that everything in the prior chapters was intended to lead to an altar call. A tug on your heartstrings here. A simple reminder there. A poignant illustration with clear implications. A call to action. This is, at its barest bones, a sermon on paper. Fortunately, Giglio gives interesting sermons and readers will want to see it through to its conclusion.

Now, b.reith. I picked this song because I keep hearing twenty one pilots played all over the radio. And every time I hear them, I think about how, with the right marketing and placement, b.reith would’ve had these radio hits many years ago. The burden of being ahead of your time. Check out the songs and tell me if you agree.

peace… love… bdg…