Well, I’ve stewed on this book long enough – and please don’t take that to mean that this is a book of any substance that requires any amount of time to ruminate on or ponder or process. No, it’s more that I needed time to prevent having two rather negative reviews back-to-back. I know, technically, they are back to back, but I dragged my feet long enough and distracted you with The Afters and Ryan Lochte, so…

The Newsmakers – Lis Wiehl

I’m going to try not to indulge my desire to launch into a diatribe and instead just punch in on the high level blemishes that irritated me about the book. Then we can move on.

First, I’ve never (to my knowledge) done this before, but I felt compelled to write down a handful of predictions based on the first 2-3 chapters. These are things that I knew full well would happen by the end of the book because Wiehl all but broadcasts the entire series of events from the beginning of the book. This is something I expect (and get) regularly from Hallmark movies, but for some reason, it’s WAY more annoying in a book. Probably in part because of the investment of time in reading a book versus watching a movie, but I think it extends beyond that in that the writing just wasn’t very good. [continue reading this post…]