This episode is scheduled to air on Halloween, so I was obviously tempted to lean towards spooky songs, a la Thriller or Nightmare on My Street (yep, I’m *THAT* old). I managed to suppress those urges and pull up a slate of new releases that run the gamut of styles, but my Tune Du Jour kind of represents the theme of the day. More on that later, but first let’s dive into the music.

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Album 1: Pacific Daydream, by Weezer (10/27/17)

Now that it’s fall, it’s getting closer to sweater weather and, to fans of 90s alt-pop-rock music, that obviously means it’s a good time to listen to Weezer. Of course, I’m referring to the group’s very first single, which is unbelievably approaching its 25th anniversary. Yikes! Okay, how has the past two decades treated Rivers Cuomo and his crew of mighty melodious misfits?

It begins with MEXICAN FENDER, which begins with a ramp up to a nice broken rhythm deftly defined by an electric guitar… maybe a Fender, from, Mexico? Well, this is a fun song, though. It has hallmarks of the 90s, but it still feels completely fresh. I am literally bobbing my head. BEACH BOYS continues the frolicking romp through the proverbial sands of Southern California beachfront property. At least that’s what I assume based on context clues. I’ve never been there. Nice driving, spy-like bassline to underscore the icing on this well-layered cake. Finally, it FEELS LIKE SUMMER – even though Autumn has taken hold. I have heard this song before. It was one of the singles from this album. There are some elements of hip hop here, but mostly, this is just a fun album already. Lots of great things going on here musically. “Spiritual, not religious”. Interesting. He sounds slightly like Chester Bennington (Linkin Park) on the bridge there.
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