It’s time to go BIG! This week, we’re looking at two of the biggest tickets in the entire music industry and one who’s steadily making his way there. U2 finally released their long-awaited, much-refined sister album to 2014’s Songs of Innocence, Taylor Swift FINALLY agreed to letting her reputation run amuck on Spotify’s basic streaming service, and Andy Grammer returns with his third album. After that, while the jury deliberates, we’ll take a listen to an artist who helped pave the way for Andy Grammer’s style, as Mat Kearney gears up for his next album with a brand new single. It’s a lot to take in, we may need a bigger sound system… let’s get to it.

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Album 1: The Good Parts, by Andy Grammer (12/1/17)

Andy Grammer is definitely the least recognizable name on today’s “menu”, but he is pretty popular and he has headlined an NFL halftime show on Thanksgiving. (It didn’t go over too well, but being criticised is one way to prove that you’ve arrived.) Regardless, he’s had some pretty big hits including the lead single off of this album, FRESH EYES, which fortunately falls beyond the first four tracks. First up, then, is SMOKE CLEARS.

This starts with a nice, bare vocal with some soft piano touches behind it. A lot of extra elements are added in to fill out the sound, but it’s definitely not too busy. It’s very laid back, like a vacation soundtrack. The hook has a slight touch of Chainsmokers-like electronica. It’s nice oh-ooo-ah-ohhh. FREEZE starts out without much ado as well. This definitely feels like a summer album – despite the reference to cold temperatures. (Actually, freeze is more a reference to pausing than being cold). It’s fun, but this one seems more incomplete than the opening track. Rounding out the songs is the title track (roll credits). So, if you don’t like his voice, you are not going to like this album because there is really not much beyond that on these songs. This almost feels like a TobyMac song. I like him, but I can see where it would wear thin.
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