So the big music release for the week (of February 2nd) was Justin Timberlake’s “Man of the Woods”. We’re skipping over it for a few reasons. First, we just listened to the single SAY SOMETHING as a “Gotta Try This” last episode. Second, everybody* just heard him perform the halftime show at the Super Bowl. (*by “everybody”, I’m exaggerating for effect apparently numbers were down for this year’s Super Bowl). JT also has a tendency to take things metaphorically (and blatantly) to places that lead to less than comfortable conversations.

Okay, moving past that. There is still some fun and intriguing music to discuss. Normally, I try to span multiple genres, but this week, it also feels like I’m spanning generations with these selections, which all released on the 2nd. (It will make sense soon). To finish off, we’ll take a listen to a new single from a modern pop duo that will probably get you excited about the prospect of a new album, though I don’t see any specifics on the books just yet. Let’s get to this.

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Album 1: Whatever It Takes, by The James Hunter Six (2/2/2018)

Though they hail from England and record in the 2010s, it certainly feels like someone turned the donkey wheel, moved the island, and reset the order of time. (Sorry, I’ve been re-watching LOST). Regardless, the James Hunter Six is another of a growing lineup of throwback artists that could easily fit right in on the Motown label of the early 1950s. I’m liking this trend, so let’s see how the album unfolds.

At the start of the first song, I DON’T WANNA BE WITHOUT YOU, my first spontaneous thought takes me to the dance floor of the Muppet Show. This reminds me of the background music and I expect to hear random puns and one-liners at any moment. Aside from that, this is a really nice sound. We’ve got some saxophones, an organ, and a salsa rhythm underscoring a soothing vocal. This is so nice. I’ll do WHATEVER IT TAKES to keep listening to this album. (There’s one of those puns). This is such a blast from the past. [continue reading this post…]