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Dove Awards&GMA Week&MUSIC19 Apr 2012 05:20 pm

And we’ll wrap things up with some of the Song Categories. I must be quick as time is escaping. As a reminder, if you have Spotify installed and want to follow along, here’s the playlist for most of the nominees. Off we go.

Rap/Hip Hop Song of the Year

NOMINEES: Hallelujah (Lecrae),Intoxicated (JayEss),Please Don’t Let Me Go (Group 1 Crew),Riot (Tedashii),Overdose (Lecrae)

THOUGHTS: More proof that Lecrae should be Artist of the Year, right? 2 of the top 5 Rap songs of the year?

WINNER: Lecrae, probably for Hallelujah.
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Dove Awards&GMA Week&MUSIC18 Apr 2012 11:45 pm

Okay, poor planning on my part. But I’m burning the bottom of the candle, and diving into the Dove nominations for album categories. As a reminder, if you have Spotify installed and want to follow along, here’s the playlist for most of the nominees. Off we go.

Rap/Hip Hop Album of the Year

NOMINEES: Backlight (Tedashi),Captured (FLAME),Culture Shock (Jai),Rehab: The Overdose (Lecrae),The Whole Truth (Da TRUTH)

THOUGHTS: This is really indicative of the style of hip hop that is selling these days – the thicker beats and harder tones – and perhaps the lack of a really strong label presence for the likes of Braille, Playdough, and such.

WINNER: Lecrae, especially since he’s such a longshot for Artist of the Year.
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Dove Awards&GMA Week&MUSIC17 Apr 2012 11:10 pm

One of my traditions here at theTRu is that of predicting (and griping about) winners for the Dove Awards. Since this year’s awards show is right around the corner, I’d better get on the ball before it’s all over. So, I’ll dive right in – only touching on the major categories and maybe a few extras that pique my interest. If you have Spotify installed and want to follow along, here’s the playlist for most of the nominees. Off we go.

Song of the Year

NOMINEES: Alive (Natalie Grant), Blessings (Laura Story), Celebrate Me Home (The Perrys), Glorious Day (Casting Crowns), Hold Me (Jamie Grace), I Smile (Kirk Franklin), I’ve Been Here Before (Ernie Haase & The Signature Sound), Please Forgive Me (Gaither Vocal Band), Who Am I (Jason Crabb), Your Great Name (Natalie Grant)

THOUGHTS: Well, there’s a lot of Southern Gospel represented here, some old and new standbys, and one fresh face. Speaking of, I can’t listen to Hold Me without singing Neil Sedaka’s Calendar Girl in my head. There, I said it. I’m not sure I would’ve picked any of these songs to be perfectly honest, but I’m at a loss for replacements.

WINNER: Blessings should win. Glorious Day is likely to take it home, though.
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Dove Awards&GMA Week21 Apr 2010 03:31 pm

So, the day of the Dove Awards is upon us and i have yet to make my annual predictions… since time is always short these days, i’m going to go ahead and make some quick predictions on the major categories as they are listed on the Official Dove Awards website… i may post a reactionary piece after the fact as well, but we’ll see… for now, let’s just dive right in…

now playing: Megaphone – Braille

Artist of the Year

The nominees are: Francesca Battistelli, Casting Crowns, Jason Crabb, Jars of Clay, TobyMac, Mary Mary, and Skillet.

Traditionally this is the capstone award and, in turn, the most frustrating to the widest amount of fans when the results don’t align with, i don’t know, artistry perhaps? Anyway, this typically ends up being the most popular (read: biggest cash cow) artist at the time and recently, the GMA trends towards the “hip” factor. Be that as it may, the need for wide-spread popularity immediately eliminates Francesca, Jason Crabb, Mary Mary, and (yes) Skillet. It’s surprising that Casting Crowns has never one this award, nor has Jars of Clay. Toby, as a past winner, is the clear favorite, but i’m going to go out on a limb and say that Jars of Clay takes this award for their performances on and off stage, despite up and leaving the CCM industry and striking out as an indie band.

Artist of the Year

The nominees are: Francesca Battistelli, Michael Boggs, Mike Donehey, Jason Ingram, Jennie Lee Riddle, and Neil Thrasher

Interesting group of nominees here… and i have to go with Jennie Lee Riddle actually. She wrote Revelation Song all by herself. It could easily go to Francesca, however, as a way to give her something to take home. Not that she doesn’t deserve a Dove, i just think she’ll be pretty much shut out this year.

New Artist of the Year

The nominees are: Jonny Diaz, Kari Jobe, Revive, Sidewalk Prophets, Bluetree, Crystal Akin, and Brian Courtney Wilson

So this is always an interesting award… besides stretching the definition of “artist” they also stretch the meaning of “new”… okay, no ranting, but i’d bet that no more than 15% of CCM listeners have heard of Crystal, Brian, or Kari… well, maybe Kari, but only because she’s been recording for several years now. (Same goes for Jonny Diaz). Jonny certainly had a breakout year, but i don’t think he has the pull to win, neither does Sidewalk Prophets for that matter. Which leaves Revive and Bluetree and i’m gonna say that Bluetree takes home the hardware.

Group of the Year

The nominees are: Casting Crowns, Gaither Vocal Band, Jars of Clay, NEEDTOBREATHE, Tenth Avenue North, Hezekiah Walker & LFC, and Skillet

immediate eliminations include GVB – though, i reckon their new album is fantastic – Hezekiah, and Skillet… why? their fanbase is marginalized. Leaving Casting Crowns, Jars of Clay, NEEDTOBREATHE and Tenth Avenue North. I’d love to see either of the latter two take it home, but chances are this one goes home with Casting Crowns (for the SIXTH year in a row).

now playing: The Motions – Matthew West

Female Vocalist of the Year

The nominees are: Francesca Battistelli, Natalie Grant, Mandisa, Dawn Michele, Karen Peck Gooch, Heather Headley, and Laura Story

here’s the rub… you might think that because Francesca is the only female solo artist up for artist of the year, she’s a lock to win here. She’s not, and neither is anyone not named Natalie Grant.

Male Vocalist of the Year

The nominees are: Jeremy Camp, Jason Crabb, Michael English, Brandon Heath, Bebo Norman, Mark Schultz, Donnie McClurkin, and Smokie Norful

i doubt anyone would argue that Michael English has the best vocal of any of these nominees… but that’s not really the question here, despite the name of the category. Besides, we’ve been down that road before – i’m just saying. This one’s gonna be another repeat with the nod going to Brandon Heath.

Song of the Year

The nominees are: Born to Climb (Jeff & Sherri Easter), By Your Side (Tenth Avenue North), Free to Be Me (Francesca Battistelli), God is There (Diamond Rio), I Will Rise (Chris Tomlin), Let the Waters Rise (MIKESCHAIR), Revelation Song (Phillips, Craig & Dean), Somebody Like Me (Jason Crabb), Two Hands (Jars of Clay), and Why Can’t All God’s Children Get Along (Karen Peck & New River)

Typically, this is a song that encapsulates the anthem of CCM for the year. Usually, it’s a ballad, it’s a worship song, and it’s been played to death on the radio. It’s gotta be a song that everyone instantly recognizes and at least half are pleased to hear. The standbys (Casting Crowns, MercyMe) aren’t in it this year, which makes it a little trickier, but the finalists are instantly Tenth Avenue North, Chris Tomlin, and Jars of Clay. (I would’ve expected Matthew West’s The Motions – WHERE IS THAT?) But i’m going with By Your Side because i don’t think I Will Rise was a typical Tomlin smash hit and Two Hands is too awesome not mainstream enough.

Producer of the Year

The nominees are: Ed Cash, Ian Eskelin, Wayne Haun, Bernie Herms, Jason Ingram, and Rusty Varenkamp

not too many people who aren’t producers or industry folk care about this category, and the GMA pretty much copy-and-pastes the nominees in each year. Without looking up all the albums that they worked on this year, i’ll just go with Bernie Herms again.

now playing: The Unavoidable Battle of Feeling on the Outside – FM Static

okay, now a couple quick hits…

Rap/Hip Hop:
– SONG: End of My Rope (KJ-52)
– ALBUM: Reiterate (Grits)

– SONG: Hero (Skillet) – really, 2 RED songs? they couldn’t think of another rock group?
– ALBUM: Innocence and Instinct (RED)

Rock Contemporary:
– ALBUM: Church Music (David Crowder*Band)

Pop Contemporary:
– SONG: Until the Whole World Hears (Casting Crowns)
– ALBUM: The Long Fall Back to Earth (Jars of Clay)

And that’s it for me folks… we’ll see how i did tonight… it’s always weird not walking around Opry Mills Mall for a couple hours before heading over to the Opry House, getting backstage and grabbing a tall sweet tea and some other treats from the back table… perhaps another year… for now… we build and grow…

peace… love… bdg…

2008&Dove Awards&GMA Week23 Apr 2008 11:29 pm

On we roll with the program… Casting Crowns are up here now and Mark was talking about how there’s no “next level”… we need to live as though we’ve already arrived…

Next up is David Crowder Band fielding lots of questions about their performance and it seems that they put the whole production together with staple guns and glue in the parking lot…

Now is The Hoppers with Karen Peck and New River and i think that’s going to wrap things up for the night… i’m pretty sure it’s gonna do it for me… hope you all enjoyed the coverage and i’ll catch you later

peace… love.. bdg…

2008&Dove Awards&GMA Week23 Apr 2008 11:03 pm

well, the awards have all been handed out and we’re watching what seems like a very rousing and amazing Southern Gospel, bluegrassy, revival jam going on over on the main stage but it seems that the XM radio station didn’t want to stay with the program and my audio stream is dead… i don’t know or really care who’s on stage right now, but we’re still here…

okay, now here’s Switchfoot… definitely recommending catching their upcoming tour if you can… The Music Builds Tour gives back proceeds to Habitat for Humanity and it definitely promises to be one of the best tours of the year…

the guests are coming fast and furious now and they’re backed up at the opening… the “idol” trio of Sligh, Stacy and Mandisa spent a bit of time up on stage and now Toby is up there with some crazy shoes that i can’t manage to get a picture of… i could describe them to you, but not without revealing my geeky sneak background… okay, there we go… i managed to get a shot of them… Toby, by the way, hauled in four statues…

Point of Grace is with us now and i think the notion that it will be an early night has completely gone out the window… Chris Tomlin is up now and he’s talking about how he didn’t want to be the “punk” that messed up the greatest song of all time, meaning Amazing Grace…

peace… love… bdg…

2008&Dove Awards&GMA Week23 Apr 2008 10:18 pm

Sandi Patti and Mark Lowry are onstage right now getting ready for the Artist of the Year award… Michael Jr. and Ben Utech are backstage… MJ is way funnier than Mark Lowry… but i’m interested in seeing who wins this…

and the winner is… TOBYMAC

Q: Has anyone told you [Michael Jr.] that you look like Kirk Franklin?

A: Only people who don’t have many black friends.

peace… love… bdg…

2008&Dove Awards&GMA Week23 Apr 2008 10:05 pm

Israel Houghton is back here now, but he’s gotta be upstaged right now, but the Michael W Smith tribute… which has started out with Amy Grant and Michael on stage together with Amy reflecting on Michael’s career… i think she’s taking some credit for his success, but who knows… she mentioned that she hired him to play piano for her tour, for “a little bit of money and a deli tray”…

Amy’s singing Thy Word while Michael’s playing piano and now joining them on stage… Phil Stacey, Chris Sligh and Mandisa… it’s kind of like American Idol: Smitty Night… Phil’s starting off with “Place in This World“… and now it’s time for Mr. Sligh… he’s talking about how old he is because he used to have cassette tapes… um… moving on… He’s singing “Secret Ambition” which is well received… and now, Mandisa says, they were good, but she wants a little more soul…. “Crown Him With Many Crowns” which was originally done with Anointed… oh, and Mandisa doesn’t get it all by herself… they’re all singing…

now they’re all singing “Worthy is the Lamb” or “Holy Holy” and most of us are ignoring the comedianne who’s backstage right now… even though i wouldn’t say it’s a great performance… it’s a pretty nice moment…

peace… love… bdg…

2008&Dove Awards&GMA Week23 Apr 2008 09:52 pm

Michael Jr. and Ben Utech have come on stage to introduce the nominees for Song of the Year… Toby was just backstage with the hosts, but he hasn’t won anything yet… Michael Jr is very, very funny…

and the winner is…. CASTING CROWNS, EAST TO WEST…

oh well… Switchfoot is up on the mainstage now singing their new song from the soundtrack of Prince Caspian… the song is called “This Is Home” and they also sang it the other night at the concert… it’s a pretty good tune… they’re also showing the new Third Day video, but that may have just been for us, i’m not sure…

Rob Beckley from Pillar and Krystal Meyers and someone else are up to announce the nominees for Short form Video of the year…

and the winner is… TOBYMAC… Boomin’

peace… love… bdg…

2008&Dove Awards&GMA Week23 Apr 2008 09:32 pm

Trin-i-tee 5:7 has come backstage to chatter a bit… they look great… and they’ve got Don Fransisco and Steve Archer announcing the inductees into the Gospel Music Hall of Fame… now Toby has come out on stage to talk about Larry Norman, who passed away this past year… and now, Point of Grace is singing How You Live (Turn Up the Music) with Cidy Morgan playing piano and a few, uh interpretive dancers doing their thing in the background…

Marvin Sapp is on his way back here and apparently his song was called “Never Would’ve Made It” not “I Made It” as i previously reported… my bad… comercial break and there’s only about a half hour left, so i’m gonna get me some more sweat tea before it’s all gone…

peace… love… bdg…

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