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I didn’t see the podcast pop-up in the Stitcher feed until later than normal and then, there wasn’t a good time to post these notes while I was actually around to do it, so now, I’m writing up the show notes for episode 20 and thinking, “hmm… I should post last week’s notes.” And, through the miracle of future-dating posts… here we go…

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Album 1: Every Mile Mattered, by Nichole Nordeman (7/28/17)
I typically spare DNA the quiet albums – especially if they fall in the realm of CCM (no offense to fans of CCM). However, this is the first full album from Nordeman in 12 years, meaning she’s been out of the industry longer than some of the new faces have been out of diapers. Always exemplifying the balance between artistic and accommodating, she tells stories with each song, a canvas for lyrics that convey meaningful depth.

EVERY MILE MATTERED opens the album with a subtle piano refrain that leads into an immediate conversation designed to catch the listener up like two long-time friends reuniting over a cup of coffee (or tea). It all comes back so quickly. The sentimental journey continues with YOU’RE HERE and her vocal is just plain endearing. The chorus opens up a little into a catchy melody and rhythm that maintains a grip on youth and adulthood. And I know that the Digest won’t get far enough into DEAR ME to fully capture the marvel of this song construction, but I’ll encourage you to go back and take a listen to the entire song because it’s quite a moving experience (I’ve gotten goosebumps every time I’ve listened so far). Like what MercyMe attempted with DEAR YOUNGER ME, except that it’s done so. much. better. It’s like she never left.
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I missed the live show yet again, but just finished up the podcast and I was a little surprised by some of the reactions – and I was surprised by this week’s “winner”. That’s part of what makes this fun. Not every album is going to be a hit and, fortunately, not all of them will be misses. That’s why I try to pick albums and songs that are distinct – that’s where the voting comes in.

I suppose it might be helpful to explain that, while they are hearing the music for the first time on the show, I listen a few times before making the selections – and sometimes first impressions do not prevail. Anyway, I write a lot below so I don’t have to write a lot here… So let’s just dive into the show notes.

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Album 1: Revival, by Third Day (8/4/17)
If I have to be the first to say it, let me say it as loudly and clearly as possible: I’m so tired of hearing how Third Day is going “back to their roots” every time they release a new album. It’s been so long since the early days of Third Day – you know, when their sound was still kind of fresh, new, and unaffected by the yearn for a better bottom line. That was so long ago that it really doesn’t matter anymore if they DO go back to their roots because it’s as stale as a bag of cheetos that has been sitting around in a dorm room all semester. It’s time for a new bag of chips and REVIVAL is that chance to crack open a… aw, never mind, it says this is a “return to their roots.”
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In case you don’t know, I am “producing” a weekly podcast covering music. Don’t worry, I’m not talking or anything – the dynamic duo of Aaron and Denee’ handle that. I just give them things to talk about. In an effort to cross-promote (or something that sounds social media conscious), I’m posting the show notes here.

Ideally, you’ll read them here, listen to them there, and really enjoy both experiences. I’m starting this week because… that’s it. Just because. Click the link below to listen to the show and read the text below for my thoughts. Simple, right? Here we go.

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Album 1: Wildfires, by Stephen Christian (7/28/2017)
Stephen Christian fronted the modern rock band, Anberlin, until they disbanded in 2014. He also launched a solo side project, Anchor and Braille, with a slightly mellower sound. Now he steps out again, moving from Tooth and Nail (home of some of CCM’s more controversial artists) to BEC Records (home to some of CCM’s more commercial acts). WILDFIRES is a solo album that serves as a worship project of sorts as Christian follows the footsteps of Aaron Gillespie. One can’t help but wonder if this is simply a sales grab.
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Today’s “My Five” (yes, I’m ignoring my absence) is in conjunction with a podio/radicast/talk show that I listen to live pretty much every Tuesday and Friday. Shoe the Doe Live (or Later) is the brainchild of Aaron and Deneé and if you catch it live, you get to chat along with them and try to distract them and affect the show. (Not that anyone would do such a thing).shoethedoe

Every once in a while, they do a special show, dubbed a New Music Digest, where they look at four new albums that have been released recently. They let the first few songs play on the show and add their comments as they listen to it for the first time. (Yes, very similar to when I used to do walkTRus, but I don’t think they stole the idea or anything.)

Anyway, since I don’t talk about music much anymore and since I’m trying to get back into writing more, what better entrance than this one to talk about. Here’s how it went down today:
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business&web08 May 2015 06:25 pm

I got an email yesterday from some movie theater chain that I must have signed up to receive rewards from at some point. The funny thing was, it was in Spanish and I know I didn’t sign up for the Spanish version. I chuckled at their mishap and figured that would be the silliest email I received, but I was wrong.

Shortly after that, I checked my inbox and found a Mother’s Day offer from a restaurant that I like a lot, but my wife isn’t the biggest fan. Naturally, I opened it – not for the offer per se, but to make myself have pleasant day dreams of smoked meats and spicy sides. What I found was a very confused offer.


Reading from top to bottom (as most of us do), I immediately assumed this was an offer for Mother’s Day, which is this Sunday, May 10th, by the way. A little further down, I see that it’s for “this weekend only” – which still includes Sunday, but makes it a Mother’s Day weekend thing. Okay, I’m following it so far, but then at the very bottom, we get actual dates: May 11 – June 14, which not only extends well beyond this weekend, it also excludes this weekend and Mother’s Day.

Double check your work people. Put as much care into your marketing as you do into those wondrous ribs. Now, onto day dreaming…

peace… love… bdg…

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Okay. Enough dragging my feet. I’ve been tossing around the idea of a new format for this blog for a while. One that involves, you know, blogging once in a while. I know, it’s a crazy idea, but we’ll give it a shot, right?

So here’s how this might work. Each day, I’m going to try to talk about something that grabbed my attention in the news or pop culture (assuming there’s a difference anymore), something I’m listening to, reading, and/or watching, and something outside of categories that seems worth sharing or talking about. Then, I might sum it up and let you know what to expect next time. And, I’ll try to keep it short and sweet. This won’t replace the occasional book, music, movie or TV reviews, but will be passing mentions for the most part.

You can still expect reviews, commentary, and other features as time allows. I’m hoping that by forcing myself to write more often it will start a snowball effect. Let’s see how it shakes out.
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NOTE: I have some book reviews and another issue of The Overflow in the works, but first, this little rant/confession about eBooks.

The trouble with eBooks is the publishers, am I right? Or is it just the rights? As publishers are still trying to figure out how to best make money on these new-fangled formats, consumers are stuck in the lurch.

Publishers argue with libraries about lending their books and what restrictions need to be in place. Everybody and their mother wants to use a proprietary format to make sure no one else can read their books without following proper protocol.

And things like this image start to happen.

No reading aloud. No sharing. No joke.

In stark resistance to a culture that has leveraged digital platforms to over-socialize and over-share everything for the sake of “community,” the publishing world is doing their best to define their digital world with high walls, secure isolation, and clandestine individualism. If we’ve learned anything from the music industry, we know it won’t last.

And yes, I understand that the “reading aloud” that is forbidden by the restrictions above refers to built-in audio functionality of some devices that steps on the toes of the audiobook industry. They’re not really trying to outlaw reading to your children. Or are they?

Now, my problem with eBooks is that it exposes my bent towards becoming a full-fledged digital hoarder. [continue reading this post…]

Bookshelf&Movies&pop culture&television&web29 Nov 2012 10:31 am

Another week, another batch of updates to the old A to Z Media lists. This time, I’m going to avoid any changes to the music list as last week’s shake up was pretty significant. Instead, I’ll be focusing on the other lists and we’ll see where it takes us. For the sake of a reminder, this isn’t intended to be a thorough examination or evaluation of the items on this list, just a high level overview of why I’m drawn to it at this particular point in time. It is, for all intents and purposes just me being a captive of the moment and picking one piece of pop culture for each letter in each general category. And since there’s no reason to beat around the bush any longer, we’ll just dive right in with changes to the TV list. (NOTE: Sorry for the delay on this. I had another couple projects jump in my way yesterday. NFL picks are still on track for later today.)


A is for Arrow (replacing: Alcatraz). Sorry, Hurley. I thought your show had a shot, but I guess not. Arrow, however, offers vindictive revenge, highly choreographed action sequences, and intrigue by the buckets. That’s all based on the pilot, of course. I’ll be catching up completely on the show, which is about 7 episodes in, shortly, but I’m expecting good to greatness. Just have to ignore all the shirtlessness.

E is for ESPN’s 30 for 30 (replacing: ESPN’s First Take). This is going to extend to a number of sports-related documentaries, including the NFL Network’s A Football Life and other ESPN productions. (I just finished re-watching “The Bronx Is Burning” and enjoyed it thoroughly.) I really appreciate the ability to put better context around some of the definitive moments in sports and history.
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Bookshelf&web19 Sep 2012 04:28 pm

Apparently it costs about $7 more to make fun of President Obama than Presidential Candidate Romney.

The Romney book is actually 20 pages longer, too. I don’t know that either of them are worth reading, but the Obama book was recommended to me by Amazon…

peace… love… bdg…

creativity&general&web13 Sep 2012 10:08 am

Well, this is an entirely random post. Expect a Music of the Day update tomorrow and probably some more book posts soon as I’m round the final turn on a couple more. (I know, I read too much, but I also want to read so much more.) I also am planning to catch up on X-Factor AND The Voice sometime in the next week or so, and I’ll post something about those shows soon. And I’m sure I have things to say about the new NFL season. Lots to write… later.

Anyway, this advertisement that came to my inbox today gave me such a chuckle, I had to pass it along. They clearly should’ve picked a different cover for a subscription push, right? I mean, asking people to subscribe while at the same time asking “Why Bother?”… such a mixed message.

Full disclosure, I do not subscribe to Relevant Magazine, although I did for a long time. I still peruse their articles online now and again. And if you want to subscribe (despite this ad) go ahead. Why NOT Bother?

peace… love… bdg…

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